Dear One,

What the what?! I can hardly believe we are smack dab in the middle of July and that 2013 is half over. I’m curious, darling, how on track are you to realize your intentions for the year?

Any of these sound familiar? crossing the line

  • You started out with enthusiasm, gusto and pep in your step in January. You felt ready to bust through old blocks and create a new level of success and are now feeling fizzled out. What were those goals and intentions again?
  • You forgot to take a moment in January to write down your vision for the year and can hardly believe we’re at the half way mark. Where has this year gone? You are now ready to make this year count.
  • You are right on track with your year. You’re moving and groovin, feeling like you’ll hit the ball out of the park and are ready to celebrate and keep the momentum going.

No matter where you are…I SO get it! I vacillate between all three. 🙂

If you were with me in January, you may remember how I took you through a powerful process to help you set up 2013 with power and success. I want to encourage you to revisit this process NOW so you can end the year on top of the world:

So my question to you today is how’s it going? Are you BEING who you want to be? Are you living your STAND? Are you honoring your YESs and NOs? Is your Big Fat Lie and pattern roasting like a marshmallow on the campfire? Are you realizing your intentions for this year?

Take a moment right now and rate your 2013 on a scale of 1-10. No judgement, no beating yourself up. Just allow your Inner Wisdom to tell you the truth so you can MINDFULLY move forward into the second half of the year.

If you rated anything less than a 10, I want you to ask yourself what you can do and who you can be to get yourself at least 2 points higher. So if you scored a 6, what would an 8 look like? Your Inner Wisdom said you’re at a 7, what would get you to a 9? And so on…

I want you to end 2013 with absolute JOY and ENTHUSIASM. Please update me on how things are going here. Let me know your score (below) and what you will DO and BE to get that score up 2 points higher.

Cheering you on,

P.S. You may have noticed (or not!) that I did was unable to send out a Wake-Up Call Wednesday last week. It was an insane week (more on that another time)…I’m so sorry it couldn’t happen. That said, I have several vacations and business trips planned through mid-August, so I will likely miss another few Wednesdays this summer. Never fear, though, I’ll be back in full Wake-Up Call Wednesday dance party swing in the Fall!

P.P.S. If you are a brilliant visionary entrepreneur, stay tuned for a super special, very RARE, opportunity to receive private business mentorship and coaching from me in the next few days. I’m SUPER excited about revealing this exclusive chance to work one on one with me and my partner, Christine Arylo, so you can up-level your business and end 2013 shining like the visionary star you are. Oh yeah!

Let me know your rating below & how you’ll get your score up 2 points so I can cheer you on!

And feel free to share this article with your loved ones 🙂