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What’s the difference between Complaining and Processing? (Wake-Up Call Weds. Jam Session)

I was at lunch the other day with a friend who was deeply sharing about challenges going on in her life. She suddenly stopped short and said, "I'm so sorry to be wasting our lunch complaining!" I assured her she wasn't actually complaining at all, she was processing and sharing. What's the difference? How do [...]

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From Birthday BLISS to Birthday BLUES (Wake-Up Call Weds.)

Dear One, Perspective is everything. I had my 44th birthday last week, on November 2nd, to be exact. I woke up to happy birthday hugs and cuddles with my girls and went into a deep meditation. During the meditation, I felt a sense of gratitude and appreciation wash over me. Tears flooded my cheeks and [...]

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You’re Almost There… (Wake-Up Call Weds. Jam Session)

I was on a run the other day in a vineyard and came across this sign..."You're Almost There". had me wondering how often I feel like I'm chasing after getting THERE. Wherever THERE is. But what if we stop the chase altogether and decide we've already arrived? Watch this video and join me EVERY [...]

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