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Meditation for Texas (Wake-Up Call Weds. Jam Session)

I've been crying a lot when watching the devastation unfold in Texas. I've been sending so much love and hope to all that are impacted. Tune in for today’s “Wake-Up Call Wednesday” Facebook LIVE Jam Session and join me for a meditation to call in more light, be together and share some hope. I highly [...]

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Is it real or imagined? (Wake-Up Call Weds. Jam Session)

Our brains are weird. Scratch that! Our brains are wonderful. Tune in for today’s “Wake-Up Call Wednesday” Facebook LIVE Jam Session to get the full scoop on how to capitalize on the power of your big, beautiful brain! Watch this video and join me EVERY Weds. at 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET over on my Facebook Page [...]

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How to stand up for racial justice with Allison Kenny (Wake-Up Call Weds. Jam Session)

Like so many of you, my heart broke, shattering into a million pieces, watching the events in Charlottesville over the weekend. Hearing the messages of hate being shouted from the torch bearing "Alt-Right" Neo-Nazi, White Supremacists, seeing the images of the Deandre Harris get brutally beaten, and watching the video of the car that took [...]

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Do Business and Emotions Mix? (Wake-Up Call Weds. Jam Session)

I was watching one of my not-so-guilty pleasures, "Million Dollar Real Estate NY", the other night when one of the realtors said something to the effect of "business shouldn't be emotional." Really? Hmmmm... I have a few things to say about THAT! Join me for today's Facebook LIVE ( and let's dive in... (Want to [...]

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You. Are. Enough.

Having been a coach for over 17 years now, I know that the core belief we are all working on is our enoughness. Join me for today’s “Wake-Up Call Wednesday” Facebook LIVE Jam Session” for a powerful exercise to remind you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Watch this video and join me EVERY Weds. at 9:30am [...]

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Love & Marriage After 13 Years

Monday was my lucky #13 wedding anniversary. My husband, Rob, and I have been hitched for 13 years, and together over 17, and here's the thing: I still really, really like the guy. (And I love him buckets too!) That said, I've been musing on how to create even more connection, depth and joy in [...]

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For Generations…

I've been with my girls and husband at the lake for the past few days. This lake is a special place that I grew up coming to every summer and I now am blessed to bring my children here to bask in the summer glow. I made a super quickie video from the lake to [...]

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