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Mama Truth Circle:mama-truth-circle-logo

A Truth Telling Sanctuary for Moms to Embrace the Messiness and Magic of Motherhood

Too often us mamas end up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and beat ourselves up for being a”crappy mom.” When the truth is we KNOW to the core of our being that we have the potential inside us to be the spiritual leaders of our family, nurturing the soul and spirit of our children and ourselves. Join this facilitated mom’s support group with soulful moms from all over the world and deepen your spiritual work, your self-care and have a true sisterhood.

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Inner Mean Girl Reform SchoolIMG square

Learn Step by Step How To Stop Being So Hard On Yourself! 

Break Free of Self-Bullying in This Step by Step Program with Amy & Christine Arylo. Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like When You STOP Being So Hard On Yourself & START Loving & Empowering Yourself NOW. Anything is Possible When Your Inner Critic is Off Your Back and Your Inner Wisdom is In Charge.

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Visionary Ignition Switch 

If You’re a Spiritual Visionary, This is the Inspired Go-To Program For You!

Visionary Ignition Switch: Fire Up your Message, Money & Meaning in the World
Attn: Visionaries who are ready to change the world. The World Needs Your Vision & Your Unique Voice. Getting Your Message Out There Doesn’t Have to Be a Struggle… Join Amy and Dr. Lissa Rankin for the power packed 8 module Go-To Business Program For Inspired Visionaries.

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Find Your Calling

Awaken Your Life Purpose, Clarify Your Vision & Do Your Soul’s Work

Join Amy, Martha Beck and Lissa Rankin for this fabulous course to help you uncover and remember your life’s purpose. If you’re ready to do your soul’s work, look no further.

You will:

  •     Get in touch with what you love, what lights you up, and how you might turn your passion into a vocation
  •     Transform from feeling clueless to clued-in regarding why you’re here on this earth and what unique gifts you’re meant to contribute
  •     Dissolve old self-sabotaging beliefs, grieve what you might be losing, and welcome in your new life with open arms
  •    And SO MUCH MORE!

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Awakened Womanawakened woman

During this revolutionary video painting class Amy joins forces with Shiloh Sophia will guide you in a step by step process breakthrough process to:

  • Identify and expose your biggest foundational lie
  • See the truth of how you’ve been playing this story out and change it
  • Discover the voice of your inner wisdom, your truth telling Muse in all her glory
  • Reveal your own hidden truths so that they hide no more. This breakthrough process from me, Amy Ahlers, will be coupled with the Intentional Creativity teachings of Shiloh Sophia
  • You will paint and write your Illuminated Manuscript of Truth
  • Experience Visionary Imagination to access a powerful internal voice and image of your Awakened Woman within.
  • Paint color-filled icon on canvas of this inner wisdom based messenger muse.

This process is designed to lead you to get to the heart of your inner truth so that every area of your life that your truth touches can be viewed in a new light – eyes open. Awake. Transformed.

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The Inner Mean Girl 40 Day Cleanse IMG cleanse

  • What if you could stop negative self-talk, self-sabotage and crippling judgment in just 40 days?
  • What if you had lots of help and support to amp up your self-love and self-compassion for 40 days?
  • What if you surrounded yourself with inspiration, love and guidance for 40 days and changed toxic habits into self-loving ones?

My dear friend and co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School, Christine Arylo, and I invite you to join us and women around the world for a 40-day adventure to reclaim your power back from your Inner Mean Girl in a big way.

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