Dear One,

I’m up in the air flying to the Big Apple as you read this…on my way to light up NYC at the REFORM YOUR INNER CRITIC & BECOME YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND event on Thursday night at Namaste Books (RSVP for this FREE self-love event here).

Then I’m heading off to the world famous Kripalu center to co-lead the Inner Mean Girl Reform School LIVE weekend retreat (it’s not too late to join us…GO HERE for the deets).

Now onto the commitment to struggle insanity. Wow was I blown away by the responses I received from last week’s video.  On the video I asked you to rate on a scale of 1-10 how committed you are to STRUGGLE. 66.6% of you rated 7 or higher. That means the majority of us are WAAAY too committed to struggle and drama in our lives.

I was really struck by this. I mean we all say we want ease and peace in our lives, but in reality we are stirring up the drama and struggle in our lives. So here’s what I did…I created 3 steps to help you (and me!) release the commitment to struggle. CLICK BELOW and watch this video now & let the EASE flow in.

I can’t wait to release my own commitment to struggle and renew my commitment to EASE. Join me!

With love and ease,



P.S. Inspiration for a Woman’Aspire Pics Soul!

Aspire Magazine just released its “Self-Care for a Woman’s Soul” issue and I’m excited to say I’M IN IT! Check out my article, Big Fat Lies About Self-Care, as well as that of Kristine Carlson, Lisa Marie Rosati, Crystal Andrus and more.

Over 80 pages of love, wisdom & inspiration for women. Peek inside the new issue here:

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Leave me a comment below and let me know if you are with me in releasing STRUGGLE and committing to EASE!

Then, post your progress on my Facebook Page this month.