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Women Masters Coaching Program FAQ

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What is The Women Masters Coaching Program?

Please click here to see a full outline and description of The Women Masters Coaching Program and its three levels of membership.

The Women Masters Coaching Program offers so much for so little money …um, where’s the catch?  Why is this program so inexpensive?

There’s no catch.  My dream has been to create a life changing group coaching program in which women participate and benefit and get value for very little cost.  Clearly, I’ve stripped my expenses to the bone in order to be able to offer maximum inspiration to you with minimum hesitation from you.

Here’s the deal: I honestly believe that if I can help women to INTEGRATE the Women Masters learning, stop being so hard on themselves and start living the joyful and uplifting life they were born for, the world will be a better place.  I want to live in that world.  And I’m willing to give away some of my profit margin to do that.

Try the Women Masters Coaching Program Membership today.  You may cancel at any time, but honestly, I think once you experience the “instant enlightenment” of the Friday Group Coaching Calls, you’ll never want to leave.

What if I can’t attend The Women Masters Thursday calls or listen to the calls prior to the Friday Study Group Coaching Call?

It is not necessary to listen to the Thursday Women Masters call to fully participate in the Friday Study Group Coaching Call. The Friday calls will be inspired by the learning from the Thursday Women Masters calls, but will be easy to participate in regardless of if you listened to the Women Masters call. In other words, you’ll be coached and inspired to new levels of success no matter what!

What if I can only attend some of the Friday calls?

You many attend as many  or as few of the Friday calls as you like. All calls are recorded and available for download, so if you miss a call, simply listen to the recording and run yourself (or grab a friend!) through the featured coaching exercise. I want you to get value out of this program, so I recommend attending at least one Friday coaching call per month live. Bottom line: I know you are busy and so I’m making it as easy as possible for you to get access to the coaching you deserve at a FRACTION of the price. This program is a STEAL even if you only attend live calls occasionally because I want to be of service to women everywhere and not let cost be an issue.

How much time is required to participate in The Women Masters Coaching Program?

If you only participate on a couple of calls each month (2-3 hours of time each month), you’ll get value and are getting coaching at a FRACTION of the normal cost. For optimal benefit I recommend playing FULL OUT and giving the program 2 hours per week. Imagine how much more connected and inspired you’ll be by taking a couple of hours each week to work on yourself and your life (and how much your loved ones will benefit). If you’re going for ROCK STAR status, why not truly take on the Women Masters teachings and practices by giving yourself 30 minutes to an hour each day to recharge yourself and refill your cup. As Women Master, Lisa Nichols, says you want to give from the overflow on your saucer NOT just from your full cup!

What can YOU commit? What are you WILLING to do to create the life you want? Surprise yourself and go for it!

How much money is required to participate in The Women Masters Coaching Program?

Membership in The Women Masters Coaching Program has three investment levels: $47/month for Silver Membership, $97/month for Gold Membership or $297/month for Platinum Membership. Please click here to see a full outline and description of all three membership levels.

What happens during December and in between the live Women Masters Calls/Series?

During the months of  December and August each year, The Women Master Coaching Program will be on a Holiday Schedule. During this time, each week you will be provided with a favorite Women Masters recording from our Inaugural or Summer Series OR with a recording of an exclusive interview with an amazing MALE leaders. I view this time as an opportunity to filter in some wonderful male experts like THE SECRET TEACHER,  John Assaraf, BEST SELLING AUTHOR Steve Sisgold, and Dr. Simon of the CHOPRA CENTER. We will conduct Friday Study Group Coaching Call around those recordings, except  the Friday after Thanksgiving (November 27th), Friday December 25th (Christmas Day) and January 1st (New Years Day). You will receive some special bonuses during that time to make you feel VERY well cared for!

How easy is it to cancel my membership?

Very easy! Simply email anytime and we’ll cancel your membership immediately. Once canceled, you will not be charged anything further (no refunds available for past months after your first 30 days of membership). You’re online access and email links to future Women Masters recordings and transcripts will be canceled immediately as well.

How does the 30-day Money Back Guarantee work?

If you participate fully in The Women Masters Coaching Program and decide in your first 30-days of membership that you are not satisfied with your membership, simply email us at and we’ll refund 100% of your first month membership fee.

By participating fully, we mean that you’ve attended a minimum of two of the Friday study group coaching calls and that you’ve listened to at least two of the Women Masters calls and/or read the transcripts. In other words, you actually had multiple experiences in the program and they did not live up to your expectations or make a positive difference in your life. I am confident that if you show up and participate, you’ll get  INCREDIBLE VALUE from the program.

If you are a Gold or Platinum member and your CDs have already been shipped before you cancel, you will be refunded your first month of membership MINUS a shipping and handling charge of $9.95. No need to hassle with returns–you keep the CDs!

What’s the difference between the Silver, Gold and Platinum Membership Levels?

Please click here to see a full outline and description of all three membership levels.