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FAQ Women Masters

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What is The Women Masters?

The Women Masters is an Exclusive Tele-Seminar Series featuring The Most Respected & Inspiring Women Experts of Our Time like Marianne Williamson, SARK, Lisa Nichols, Mariel Hemingway, Marci Shimoff and many other luminaries. Amy Ahlers, “The Wake-Up Call Coach” and CEO of Wake-Up Call Coaching, is the creator and hostess of this extraordinary series.

The live calls are absolutely FREE (you can register for our current series by visiting We have many upgrade packages available for purchase that feature MP3s, Transcripts and CDs of these powerful calls.

You can also visit our products and services page to see past series and purchase recordings and/or transcripts, if you’d like:

Why are you offering such a valuable tele-seminar series for free?

Because it’s time to be of service to one another and inspire each other. I view the information shared on each call as sacred and I want all to have the opportunity to attend. If you’d like, you may purchase recordings and/or transcripts of these powerful calls or membership in The Women Masters Coaching Program after registering.

What if I can’t make the live calls, but want to get inspired? Are you recording them?

Simply register for the free series and you’ll be taken to the thank you page that features some incredible, affordable upgrade packages of recordings and transcripts, and an inspiring coaching program to integrate the learning. Register now with your name and email on the form above to get access to the best pricing for upgrade packages.

Do I have to attend ALL the calls? Can I register if the series already started?

You can attend as many or as few calls as you’d like. You can also register after the series has begun.

Can men attend?

Yes!  We welcome all of you enlightened men on the calls as well. Why not grab the special people in your life and attend together?

What is the Women Masters Coaching Program?

Please visit to see information and have your questions answered about The Women Masters Coaching Program.

More questions? Feel free to contact us at