Dearest One,

First, I just want to send you my heartfelt gratitude for all of the love and support I received after my video last week on the one thing that has been holding my happiness hostageThank you for all of the kind words and for joining me and getting curious about what has been doing the same for you!

Second, I was so inspired last week about the response to my own vulnerability, that I created a short video just for you that is all about the Feminine Super Power of Vulnerability. Click below to watch it.

I’m sending you so much love and joy as you lean into your own vulnerability!

With unstoppable love,




P.S. I am so committed to spreading the good word when I encounter people doing wonderful things. Which is why I was so thrilled when I had the privilege of meeting a new friend named, Michael Eisen, who is dedicated to empowering youth. He joined forces with his own father to bring us a brand new inspiring new book called Empowered YOUth: 

This inspiring story offers tools and resources, combined with optimism and hope, that will help those looking to make changes in their own lives and empower youth in a more supportive, open, and intuitive way.  Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living is a blueprint for restoring peace and repairing connection in the modern family. Woot!



Thank you so much for leaving your comments below and sharing my posts and videos. You’re the best! Today, let me know how you will use your Feminine Super Power of Vulnerability.