Eddie Conner

Eddie Conner

Oh my lord, talk about the PERFECT ending to a fantastic week! I just finished recording my Wake-Up Call Coaching Program expert coaching CD call for the July Inspiration-in-a-Box package with Eddie Conner and it was such a BLAST. This CD is going to catapult the women members of this exquisite community to new levels of success, joy and fun. We talked about:

  • The Big B.U.T. Syndrome–when you Believe Unfit Thoughts
  • The ASS-Fault Disease–Accidental Self Sabotage by DE-Fault
  • How to experience High-Frequency living

The thing I love most about interviewing Eddie is that I LAUGH and have so much fun.

Want to listen to the interview? You can, simply sign up to receive your free gift of inspiration and get access to the recording: www.ReadyToGetInspired.com

Have a high frequency weekend!