Dear One,

I know so many women in the world who wonder if there are good men out there…if men really care….if men are showing up and doing their work. There are far too many people perpetuating the Big Fat Lie, “All men are jerks!”

So today, my darling, I want to celebrate one of the best men I know, who is celebrating his 70th birthday today; my dad.

My father, Russ Grant, has shown me, from the moment I was conceived, that men are good. Men are kind. Men are doing their work and care so deeply about the world.

Me with the two best men I know, my dad and husband.

Me with the two best men I know, my dad and husband.

I remember as a little girl pretending to be asleep so that my daddy would carry me up to my room, reminding me that I was taken care of and oh-so-safe.

My dad models how to be in a loving relationship and make a marriage work (my parents have been married for almost 44 years now and they still hold hands), how to go for your dreams, how to give back to your community and how to relax and have fun.

My dad is a Vietnam war vet who learned early on that you never know when your numbers up, so make every moment count. My dad survived living with a wife and two teenage daughters and one full bathroom (yes we had bathroom timers to keep to the shower schedule!). My dad loves to sail on the San Fransisco Bay or relax by the lake in Twain Harte. My dad is always ready and willing to show up and fix your broken screen, or hang that new painting or put up the new shelf (he’ll even bring his own tools). My dad is available for babysitting and sleep overs with his grandchildren at a moments notice. My dad devotes more time and energy each month to giving back than most people do in a lifetime.

So, Dad, Happy 70th Birthday to you. I’m so grateful I chose you to be my dad. And thank you for choosing me to be your daughter. I love you!

I invite you to share below and celebrate one of the good men in your life!

With love,



P.S. Thank you for celebrating my dad with me…he’s such an extraordinary man who is cherished by his family and community!

P.P.S. I know that many (maybe even most?) don’t have a dad like mine. I count my blessings and realize how lucky I am. And I am taking a stand for more and more men to step up and show up as a Good Man in the world.

Please celebrate a good man in your life below. Let’s collect evidence of all the great men on the planet!