I did it. I launched the coaching program I’ve been dreaming about launching. It is all about community, support, success, joy and freedom. I hope you’ll join me!

Wake Up to the Truth about How Fabulous You Are

Wake Up to the Truth about How Fabulous You Are

You can break free from negative self-talk with the brand-spanking new Wake-Up Call Coaching Program.

The Wake-Up Call Coaching Program will wake up to the truth about how fabulous you are. I want to deliver to your doorstep the first month called “Inspiration-in-a-Box” as a F*R*E*E gift. Get your gift now at:

WARNING: this coaching program is not for women committed to being stuck – you will see radical positive change in your life.

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For Women Only: Stop Being So Hard On Yourself!

Amy is giving you a powerful, inspiring F*R*E*E gift of custom-designed success coaching
tools. Visit http://www.ReadyToGetInspired.com to claim your gift now (worth
over $229)!
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For Men Only: Be Part Of The Wake-Up Call Street Team!

We will NOT add your friends’ emails to our list or contact them in any way. You simply
spread the word and receive our gift as thanks.  Just forward The Wake-Up Call Coaching Program URL (http://www.ReadyToGetInspired.com) to 3 or more women in your life (especially the ones you see being WAY too hard on themselves) and copy admin@wakeupcallcoaching.com and Amy will send you a  F*R*E*E Spirited
Action eWorkbook; How to Live a Magically and Productive Life!
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Thank you for being a part of The Wake-Up Call Coaching family.



P.S. Did you go tohttp://www.ReadyToGetInspired.com yet and get your gift? Check it out–you’re worth it!

P.P.S. For ladies and gentlemen alike: miss any of the inaugural Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series?
You can purchase the INSPIRING recordings, transcripts and/or CDs of this series by clicking here: