Dear One,

Happy 2013! You may have noticed that this email is coming to you on Thursday, instead of my normal Wake-Up Call Wednesday. That’s just how I’m rolling this year…no more pushing to make it happen…especially when the deadlines are made up!

I’m feeling frisky and a bit snugly today, so I felt inspired to record this video for you from my bed in my bathrobe. 🙂 Check it out here.

In this video, I share with you the most important question to ask yourself about the year ahead. This question is the one that is driving me to continue to sink in and ponder for the entire month of January.

Let me know what you and your Inner Wisdom come up with below.  I love hearing from fabulous you!

With love, joy and delightful anticipation about the year ahead,




P.S. It’s time for Wabi Sabi LOVE!

Did you know there’s a 20-second cure that can put the spark back in your relationship… even if your lover’s annoying habits are starting to really grate on you, drive you up the wall and make you crazy? Oh yeah!

My good friend, Arielle Ford, who’s an expert in “Wabi Sabi Love,” just shot a free video series about it.

And she’d like to share it with you, whether you’re married, in a relationship or seeking your soulmate. Watch the Wabi Sabi Love FREE video series here now!

Please share this video and leave a comment below about who you want to BE in 2013!