Dear One,

When I first went “public” about my deepest desire, to have another baby, it was really scary for me. I revealed it all in my When Your Happiness Is Being Held Hostage video in November of 2012. It was a big moment, as I knew that my wish for another baby might not come true, and then you’d know the truth about my heartache. But I felt so much better after being so vulnerable because of your incredible support and love. You just blew me away!

It was a year and a half of struggle to get knocked up. It felt like a “funeral every 28 days” as a dear friend put it. I kept showing up and my life was hijacked by ovulation kits, charting, acupuncture appointments, disappointment and spiritual fertility coaching from my incredible coach, Elisabeth Manning. I had difficult conversations with my husband, as we endlessly had to explain to our daughter, Annabella, why she didn’t have a baby brother or sister yet and how we just couldn’t guarantee that it would happen. (Hard stuff to fathom for a just turned 6 year old who believes in fairies and Santa Claus.)

So it is with the utmost joy, glee and a tummy full of butterflies I say to you, my darling, that YES this baby has landed! It felt right to wait until today, the official end of the first trimester (and hopefully the end of the nausea and headaches!), so forgive the Wake-Up Call Wednesday coming to you on a Friday. LOL.

Here is the celebration video featuring my hubbie, Rob, that I wasn’t sure I’d ever have the opportunity to make (and yes we have a dance party!):

Dear One, I am sending a vision of your dreams coming true. I want you to get what you want and celebrate it. I’d love to hear from you in the comments about what you are CELEBRATING in your life right now!

Thank you so much for caring.

With unstoppable love & relentless enthusiasm,


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P.P.P.S. Thank you for holding the vision of this baby with me. I’ve felt so loved and supported on this journey by you. Thank you, thank you, thank you…to the moon and back.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you are CELEBRATING right now!