Hello Dearest One,

Did you ever see this image that went wild on social media?


I tear up every time I read it. It is pure truth.

It gives you 100% permission to take care of yourself.

(To that end, I want to make sure that you read my “Sacred Self-Care for Moms” book and that you’re all signed up for the Free Mama Truth Virtual Retreat.  You can download the book here and sign up for the virtual retreat here, if you have yet to do so. Both are my gifts to you!)

Today, I also wanted to share a video with you about how to create a Sacred Self-Care system. I believe self-care is sacred, not selfish and is the gateway to being a brilliant mom. In the video I do some truth telling about how being a new mom kicked my ass and how I had to come up with a completely new way to care for myself. I think you’re going to dig it.  CLICK PLAY to watch the video below.

Again, here’s the link to download the Sacred Self Care for Moms book.

Leave me a comment below, and your value and how you will honor it, OK?

Giving you permission to take care of YOU so you can take care of them,