Dear One,

This weekend I was co-leading. alongside Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Christine Arylo, the Great Work retreat. 12 Great Women fully stepped into their highest callings…it was jaw-dropping. It was so joyful to watch these women blossom.

When I’m leading an intensive like this, I find myself fully engaged in an alternative reality. It is cosmic and wild.

When I emerged on Sunday, I felt blasted by the news of the tragedy in Colorado. It was shocking & jarring. It is humbling to witness the mystery of it all and how fragile life is.

Being unable to answer the WHY questions, I turned inward to give thanks for the life that I have.

And I allow it to be a wake-up call.

In the words of Bonnie Friedman:

“Why wait for a near-death experience when life itself is a near-death experience?”

Go for your dreams.

Stop waiting.

Live big.

Give gratitude.

Breathe deep.

Be here now.

Let me know your experience and how you’re processing below.