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Oh What A Beautiful Morning…

Oh What A Beautiful Morning…

My niece, Ellie, embodying Spring!

My niece, Ellie, embodying Spring!

I woke up today and the sun is shining brightly. My baby girl is singing and happy–she is loving all the new words she is saying. Getting ready to coach a fantastic client. Life is good.

And there are things in the background…the background music…that I could easily turn my focus to that will cause me angst. Get me moving in he OTHER direction today. The sad, mad, angry direction. Why would I want to cause myself that suffering? It can be addictive–that temptation to gnaw on the bone of negativity. It can always be justified.

For now, for today, for this moment, I am choosing to be grateful. Choosing to look at what is working and thriving in my life. Life is short. Choose to be happy.

Happy Monday!



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