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Welcome from Amy Ahlers

Welcome, Dear One!

This is your home for releasing self-bullying and embracing self-compassion. No matter how hard you are on yourself, I know you can break free and see the truth of your magnificence. I’m Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach, bestselling author and Life Coach and I’m taking a STAND for women and moms to STOP being so hard on themselves and START practicing self-love and self-compassion instead.  Join over 53,000 souls from all over the world that are ready to shine bright! Start with my Wake Up Your Inner Wisdom kit above.

With Unstoppable Enthusiasm,

The Doorknob Intention

December 4th, 2017|

I was reading a story the other day that really moved me. A teenage boy was leaving the house to go to a party and as he was going out the door, the mom yells, “Be Careful!” and then overhears the dad say, “Have fun!”. Wow. What a difference a few words can make in our child’s experience of the world. Let’s explore this together on today’s Mama Truth Show!

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Michelle Gale: Living with Presence and Parenting with Purpose

November 27th, 2017|

Being a mindful, conscious mama ain’t no joke. So often people think that if we’re mindful and conscious enough, parenting will be a breeze. HA! Or that you can do the mindfulness parenting practices only if you have an “easy kid”. Tune into this inspiring conversation with Michelle Gale, bestselling author of “Mindful Parenting in a Messy World” where we deliver a boatload of truth telling. Just wait until I share about how my backyard became a slime factory! And make sure to pick up your copy of Michelle’s new bestselling book at

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Being Grateful in a Messy World

November 20th, 2017|

It’s been so darn messy in this sweet world of ours. So how do we find the gratitude when there is so much to be in action around? Join me for this episode, where we explore the power of gratitude and some gratitude growing tools to help you and your little ones become filled with appreciation.

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