Dear One,

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to tamper your celebration of potential good news? To NOT revel in the possibility of good things coming your way? To cut off yourself from doing a victory dance because you don’t want to “count your chickens before they hatch?”

When it looks like:

the big deal will go through
she might just be the one
you might get the job…

We have a tendency to sit on our excitement and wait.

We want to save ourselves from disappointment right? Which, as my dear friend Samantha Bennett says, would be great IF it worked!

But the truth is it doesn’t work. We’ll be disappointed if the deal falls apart, or the date turns out to be a hot cup of crazy, or we don’t get the job.

So I say why not CELEBRATE the possibility of success?! We won’t count our chickens before they hatch, but I’m gonna sure as heck count those eggs in the nest and have a dance party thinking about the possibility!


Because it just plain feels good…scratch feels flipping fabulous to dwell in possibility! To celebrate the good news on the way to the great news. And, as a bonus, the celebration raises your vibration to attract in even more goodness.

I made a video for you to help you do the same. Check it out and celebrate the possibility of something fabulous in your life!

Celebrating all those eggs in the nest that are ready to crack open with goodness,

P.S. One of the things I’m celebrating is my incredible Brilliant Visionary clients that I coach with my self-love sister, Christine Arylo.  One of those clients is the remarkable Amy Jo Mattheis who is up to some amazing things!

Amy Jo is a Bad Ass Feminine Truth-Teller who has a kick ass FREE series called Pull Back the Curtain.  It’s time to Pull Back the Curtain on old, accepted ideas that harm us. Join Amy Jo to get the journey into your good power going! Go here for a FREE – downloadable journey behind the curtain of Sin – Sex & Shame – Women-Scripture-&-Stereotypes!

Celebrate the possibility of goodness and success in the comments below. WOOT!

And, as always, I LOVE IT when you share! 🙂