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Associate Coaching

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Wake-Up Call Coaching’s associate coaching program is designed for those wanting one-one attention and support in letting go of your big fat lies and waking up to the truth about how fabulous you are.

Our Associate Coaching Program gives you private coaching with Wake-Up Call Associate Coach, Ariana Pritchett. For a free sample coaching session contact

Ariana Pritchett

Schoellhorn in boots

Ariana is absolutely thrilled to be the newest member of the Wake Up Call Coaching team of associate coaches. She feels passionately about helping women wake up to their inner most fabulousness. The Wake Up Call Coaching Mission is exactly in line with Ariana’s dream to support people to rise up to their biggest life!
Having spent the last 10 years leading wilderness trips, facilitating group process and supporting under represented youth tap into their passion and voice, she embarked upon her biggest adventure yet . . . motherhood! With her new baby, Teo, in tow, Ariana discovered coaching and could not believe that she could make a living supporting people live a fulfilling life.
She has been coaching since 2009 and is in the process of earning the CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) designation from The Coaches Training Institute. In addition she holds a Bachelors and Masters of Arts from San Francisco State University.
Ariana feels so lucky to have embarked on this new career and feels like she is truly living her biggest life. She now looks forward to helping you live your Biggest LIFE too!

What Clients are saying:

“Hire her, you won’t regret it”

“Ariana has gently but purposefully assisted me in getting my shit together.
Her uncanny ability to sense what’s needed in each moment, and reflect back
what I need, to help me hold myself accountable and move forward, has been
extraordinarily amazing. I’ve come to our coaching with diverse topics ranging
from self-care to business development and in each instance she’s either nudged
me forward in developing my business or assisted me in sitting gently with myself
and my self-care needs. Occasionally she kicks my ass too. Which is perfect.
Every week I look forward to my time with her. Hire her, you wont regret it.”

Kenji Oshima, Owner and CEO,
Compassionate Computer Geek Services

“Calling Ariana was one of the most transformative things I have done”

“Before I spoke to Ariana I was struggling with direction and had a general lack of enthusiasm for life. Finding myself in this place was very scary and disheartening. It took 6 months of feeling like this before I actually decided to do anything about it. Calling Ariana was one of the most transformative things I have done. I have to admit before I made the first phone call I was a little hesitant and even felt a little foolish, (like I should just be able to snap out of it). Within 5 minutes I knew I had made the right decision. Ariana was so easy to talk to, she exuded kindness and compassion, yet she was very intuitive and knew when to challenge me. When speaking with Ariana there was real sense of authenticity which I found to be so encouraging. I knew that she wasn’t just yessing me. After the first session I regained a strong belief in myself. After a few more sessions I was on my path to becoming a better me. My husband commented that he has never seen me so happy and I have to agree.”

Jennifer Sorrel, Owner,
Le Petit Captain bakery

“She helped me transform the way I look at my life”

“Ariana is amazing at her profession. I came to Ariana with the hope that she would help me craft some life goals and create the steps to get there. She surpassed my hopes by leaps and bounds. Not only did Ariana coach me to become the author of my goals and pathways, but she has helped me transform the way I look at my life. Ariana’s engaging nature made it easy for me to look at my life goals in ways I would have never thought about. She makes certain that I take the time to celebrate every success as small or as big as it may be. I look forward to my continued work with her as my coach and am excited to see where she takes me next on my life journey.”

Dr. Abigail Joseph, Technology Resource Teacher

[Ariana’s] guidance, compassion and patience, I have found my own voice.”

“Ariana has helped me see my potential and have a better understanding of myself. My life has changed in so many positive ways since we have started coaching. She is insightful and has helped me find my own inner wisdom. With her guidance, compassion and patience, I have found my own voice. I am so grateful for Ariana and feel blessed to have her in my life.”

Katrina Kanetsky