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Not only will you receive valuable transformation tools from the best, but you’ll also get a peek into the inner world of women (and a few men!) you’ve long admired.

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Dear Fabulous Superstar –6 months prego

I’m off on maternity leave…ready to give birth to a new soul in my belly…ready to spend time in the newborn cocoon with my family. So I decided to do something radical!

Back in 2011 I invited my friends – some of the world’s best female experts, the Women Masters who are already on your bookshelf and on TV – to open up and tell the truth about their own journey. And for the next few months, I’m re-releasing these powerful recordings just for you!

I gotta be straight with you…This summit is DIFFERENT from all the rest — first of all, there’s no sales pitches and no boring parts!

Just original, high-quality content to
help you break the cycle of negative thoughts and wake up to the light.

You can move from believing The Big Fat Lie of “I’m unlovable” to embracing the daring truth of “I’m perfect and lovable just the way I am” (SARK and Lisa Nichols both tell it like it is!)

Or maybe you’re stuck thinking, “I Don’t Have Enough” and are ready for the Fabulous Truth like, “All my needs are met” (that one’s from the supremely intelligent Alexis Neely’s interview – wait until you hear the rest…)”

Or “It’s too late for me” to “Why wait? Now is my time!” (You’re going to love, bestselling author of The Soulmate Secret, Arielle Ford’s, interview. Love.)

Or “I’m failing as a mom” to “Losing it makes me a normal mom” (Thank you Kristine Carlson, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms!)

You’re going to just LOVE these frank, funny, fabulous recordings!

Sooooo……let me take a step back because I want to address this letter to the person I KNOW you are….I want to speak to the woman with the glowing eyes and the sparkling heart who lives inside you… I want to communicate with the REAL YOU – the one who knows that she is perfectly imperfect and who is ready to finally stop listening to that awful Inner Critic!

You know you are a good person.

You are so loving.

You work hard.

You are successful in many areas of your life.

So why is that mean, negative voice in your head still criticizing every single little thing you do?

Do you have any of these recurring thoughts?

  • “I feel like a fraud.”
  • “If they really knew me, they wouldn’t like me….”
  • “I am a failure”
  • “I am not good enough”
  • “I never measure up?”

Here’s the thing: you are SO not alone! I’ve coached thousands of woman and spoken to hundreds of luminaries and we ALL have self-defeating thoughts. Can you imagine the energetic shift on the planet if we all felt calm, confident and centered? Can you imagine the world we could create if we could just break free from all these self-destructive, negative thoughts?

It’s time to Expose these Big Fat Lies so they can be transformed and healed.

Over the course of 12 Weeks (March 5th – May 21st) you will receive 100% FREE access to specially selected power audios:

  • Big Fat Lies About Self-Worth: SARK & Lisa Nichols
  • Big Fat Lies About Body and Self-Care: Dr. Lissa Rankin & Shakaya Leone
  • Big Fat Lies About Love & Relationships: Arielle Ford & Carol Allen
  • Big Fat Lies About Money: Karen Russo & Alexis Martin Neely
  • Big Fat Lies About Success: Marci Shimoff & Michelle Villalobos
  • Big Fat Lies About Being Authentic: Shiloh Sophia McCloud & Dyana Valentine
  • Big Fat Lies About Spirit: Gabrielle Bernstein & Claire Zammit
  • BONUS SESSION: Big Fat Lies MOMS tell themselves: Kristine Carlson
  • BONUS SESSION: Big Fat Lies about MEN: Mike Robbins, Noah Martin, Chris Kyle
  • Your Inner Superstar Awakened: Samantha Bennett & Christine Arylo
  • FINALE: Amy Ahlers LIVE, INTERACTIVE Call to bust through any remaining Big Fat Lies!

Now is the time to band together as women and share our collective wisdom, strength and ideas so that we learn from and nurture each other. This FREE summit creates a community of positive, spirited women led by our most prominent and powerful women.

It’s time to reveal the secrets so you can silence the mean, critical voice in your head –

So you can stop being so hard on yourself –
So you can get out of your own way!
Join us for the Exposing the Big Fat Lies Summit and learn transformation tools from the best.

PLUS…You’ll hear the Women Masters reveal their own Big Fat Lies!

YES, even bestselling authors and Oprah guests have Big Fat Lies they grapple with. You’re going to LOVE hearing these luminaries GET VULNERABLE and DEEP about their own self talk. Truly fascinating!

Pssst…there’s a FABULOUS SUPERSTAR inside you and it’s time to let her out and to SHINE!

I hope you’ll join us for this fun, fabulous online event.

With love,

Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach
Bestselling Author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves
CEO of Wake-Up Call Coaching
Co-Creator of Inner Mean Girl Reform School, Visionary Ignition Switch & Find Your Calling

P.S. WARNING:Listening to the Exposing the Big Fat Lies Summit may result in you feeling powerful, graceful, grateful and free. Belly laughs and Mona Lisa smiles could become frequent. Don’t miss out!


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