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You’re Invited to

Become A Self-Love Ambassador!

This fall, join us for the

Inner Mean Girl™ Revolution!

We are busting through Big Fat Lies…

Giving up negative self-talk

And taking a stand for women to stop being so hard on themselves!


Hello Fabulous You!

Christine and Amy here blowing the whistle on just how hard we women are on ourselves… you know the voice that fills your head with negative thoughts… we call her the Inner Mean Girl™  (that’s one of them over there to the right)  and this fall we are saying ENOUGH! by giving women the voice, tools and community to stop this self-sabotaging, self-hating, self-doubting talk for good!

We are here to make sure that no woman goes without knowing just how FABULOUS, BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL she is…and to take a STAND for us all to stop being so darn hard on ourselves!

And, we can’t do it alone, we need your help.

This Fall you can inspire the women in your community, help us share the love, and generate more love and support (and some spending cash) for yourself! How’s that for self-love?

Here’s how:

Self-Love Ambassador Fall 2011 Program:

We’ve created this program for women like you, who are up to very BIG things in the world, and who want to connect with other SUPERSTARS of SELF-LOVE! Whether you write, coach, teach, blog, vlog, speak, or just love to connect and generate good in the world – you are welcome here, and we’d be honored to have you as a Self-Love Ambassador.

This Fall we’ll be running a series of inspiring programs including a free tele-call on September 14th, an 8-week tele-class that begins on Sept 28th, a free tele-summit in October leading up to the release of Amy’s new book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves, and a live event in San Francisco in November called RECEIVE … we told you it’s a revolution! There will be no where left for Inner Mean Girls™ to hide!

And best of all – we’ve made this super easy, fun and self-loving for you to participate!

3 easy ways you can start to participate this Fall (more to come too!):


  • Post your Big Fat Lies confession via video, audio or text on the Wake-Up Call Coaching Facebook page. Let us know what Lie you secretly beat yourself up with. And then release it by telling your Inner Wisdom’s truth.
  • Then invite your community to confess their #1 Big Fat Lie too!


  • Invite your community with to Inner Mean Girl Reform School’s Open House Call – How to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself. On Sept 14th and 21st, join us for the call and our Twitter Party!!
  • Give up Comparison & blog/vlog on your experience. We’ll share our favorite blog with you and you can invite your community to give up Comparison with you and see what happens!


  • Inner Mean Girl Reform School™ “Share the Love. Share the Revenue” affiliate program: When you invite people to attend the free Open House call – via email, blog or social networking – you can use a unique tracking link so we will know they came from you. For anyone that signs up for the 8-week Inner Mean Girl Reform School™ session beginning Sept 28th you will receive $99.25. We love giving you money for helping self-love prevail.
  • Get some traffic & buzz back: We love the law of reciprocity and can’t wait to highlight what you’re doing with our community. We’ll be linking back to Self-Love Ambassadors that inspire us on our Facebook pages, via twitter, LinkedIn and email blasts that go out to over 35,000 souls who love to know about communities like yours. Who-ho!
  • Valuable Gifts– for our top three ambassadors who generate the most buzz and traffic to Inner Mean Girl Reform School’s™ Open House and Live Class in September and the Big Fat Lies Summit in October, we’ll be giving one of three gifts:
    1. Full tuition to the Fall Inner Mean Girl Reform School™ Tele-class.
    2. Big Fat Lies Party Pack which includes 18 inspiring recordings featuring luminaries you know and love revealing their Big Fat Lies, transformation tool worksheets, & Amy’s new book
    3. One bonus ticket to RECEIVE an Urban Retreat for the Everyday Superwomen, our November Event in San Francisco, CA.

And We’ve Made it Super Easy!

  • We’ll give you all the information – Facebooks, Tweets, Banners, Links, Images, and text for email messages and blogs. All in one place.
  • We’ll let you know what’s happening when so you don’t need to worry about what to do – you just get to share the love when it’s time!

How to Get Started?

It’s easy, sign up by filling out the form below and clicking submit.

Once you are accepted into the ambassador program you’ll receive an email from our Chief Self-Love Ambassador, Lisa K., with all the goods on how to ride this wave of self-love with us and women from around the world this Fall! READ it and start with what inspires you!

With Big heart,

Amy & Christine

Co-Founders of Inner Mean Girl Reform School™