Dear One,

I’ve got a juicy topic for you today, my dear. I like to call it “spiritual bullying”. Ya know those times in your life when someone accuses you of not being spiritual enough, or trusting enough, or (fill in the blank with a spiritual word) enough to do what they want you to do.

Or better yet, when your Inner Critic decides that you’re just not coming from abundance…beating you up with all sorts of important spiritual principles, making you feel less than and inadequate.

YUCK! It’s so twisted when we use sacred language to torture ourselves, isn’t it?

Check out this video I did where I reveal three steps to stop inner or outer spiritual bullying.

May you always feel connected to your TRUTH and may you only go as fast as your Inner Wisdom says to go.


With great love,

P.S. I am sending you mountains of love today and reminding you that you’re always at the right place at the right time and giving you full permission to say NO when it feels right to you!


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