Dear One,

I‘ve been coaching so many amazing clients as of late that are playing out a story that doesn’t feel so hot. Ya know, those patterns in our lives that show up time and time again.

What’s the story you’ve been playing out? What’s the Big Fat Lie, the motherlode lie and story, that you’re really ready to release?

Does it go a little something like this (hit it!):

  • I don’t belong.
  • Bad things happen to me.
  • I’m unlovable.
  • Life’s a struggle.
  • Success means people won’t like me.
  • fill in the blank!

So today I made a super short video to get your wheels spinning. Check it out here.

In the video, I ask you to out the Big Fat Lie of a story you’re ready to release and to make a decision on the NEW STORY you’re ready to embrace.

What’s the NEW STORY you’re ready to claim?


  • I belong and have my tribe.
  • I’m one of the lucky ones.
  • I’m loved because I’m me.
  • Ease finds me wherever I go.
  • People are inspired by my success.

Let me know here (below) what your new story is.

I believe in YOU!



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