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Video Testimonials:

“I have never experienced anything so
unique and transformational…”


“Amy . . . what you have in your heart transcends
anything I have seen in anyone else.”


“Say YES to Amy!”


“Girl, you need to take that on the road . . .”


“Very inspirational . . .”


“You opened the space for us to tell the truth
about ourselves . . . Thank you.”


“These women are so phenomenal I don’t have words for it!”


Success Coaching Testimonials:

I Love My Amy Time!

Amy Ahlers has supported me in taking the steps I needed to bring my career to the next level. I have been in art, marketing and education for over 12 years, but it was under Amy’s counsel that the pieces began to fit together. As an entrepreneur, I can be stubborn, wanting things done my way – Amy was able to gently point me in the direction of marketing techniques that worked, while maintaining my own unique angle. She encouraged me to see things from a new light – that made me feel comfortable enough to do things like build a sales page and do joint venture partners. During certain conversations I would sometimes want to push forward with something when I wasn’t really ready, she could hear that in my voice, and listened from a place of profound wisdom, and intuition. Amy has the right combination of heart, business savvy and visionary to bring any project to its fullness. I love my Amy time and look forward to it weekly with joy.
– Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Cosmic Cowgirls University


Thank you for your inspiration.

I’m now 18 months into a lucrative contract I won while coaching with Amy, midway through CTI’s leadership program, published widely as a journalist, first BBC radio documentary coming out in May, in love with partner and family ever more deeply, and planning to take next big step beyond!  Thank you for your inspiration.
– N. Kettles, France


Like having the World’s Most
Truthful Cheerleader on your side.

Coaching with Amy is like having the World’s Most Truthful Cheerleader on your side during the Big Game of your life. She is supportive, practical, and relentlessly optimistic. Me, before coaching: overworked, underpaid, confused, often sad. Me, After Coaching: richly rewarded, relaxed, and clear.
-Samantha Bennett, Founder, The Organized Artist Company


Amy’s the real deal and the genius you didn’t believe existed.

Amy Ahlers and I met in a Mastermind group of authors, where we’re all supposed to help each other grow our businesses, but I feel like I got the better end of the deal. When we first met, I had a committed tribe of beautiful people, but hadn’t figured out how to translate a community into a business. But lucky me, Amy had the secret sauce- and she shared her wisdom, years of experience, and dedication to unraveling the mysteries of online marketing in a way that, contrary to other online marketing and business strategy gurus, made my heart swell. If you have a vision but haven’t figured out how to bring your business to life or if you long to leverage the entrepreneurial business you already have, Amy’s the genius you didn’t believe existed. In a market full of fakes who promise but can’t deliver, Amy’s the real deal.
-Lissa Rankin M.D., Founder, Owning Pink


Amy is one of the best.

I’ve worked with other coaches and have seen a lot of coaches in action. Amy is one of the best. She really understands the purpose and the power of the coaching relationship. I’ve often told my wife that I’ve never had another person in my life (including my wife) that makes who I am so completely right. Don’t misunderstand. Amy is not a “yes” person, she knows when to challenge me, but she has an amazing (almost uncanny) ability to listen so that I find my own truth and propel my life forward. The only reason I would tell you not to work with Amy is if for some reason, you do not want to achieve the things that are most important to you.
– Bill Giruzzi, author of A Life Worth Living


Skilled and intuitive coach!

Amy is a skilled, intuitive coach who quickly helped me focus on the essence of what I needed to do to move forward.
-James Schaller, President, Sound Covenant


You are terrific Amy!

As I continue my journey, I can only try and tell you how much your help has meant to me. I continue to live and grow from the experience and relationship we had. The effect (quite positive) was even mentioned in one of my evaluations this year. You are terrific, Amy.
-Tina M. Oswald-Bechtel, Administrator, Katz, Golden, Sullivan & Rosenbaum, LLP


You reminded me that I have much to be proud of.

After several years of building my business, and several years of feeling stuck with nowhere to go, I have opened my own Pilates studio. I feel refreshed and energized and excited about the new challenges ahead. Amy helped me get out of my own way and reminded me that I have much to be proud of…
-Laura Mulrenan, Owner, Pilates by the Park


Her empathy, kindness and tough love were just what I needed!

Having you as my Life Coach was one of the best things I ever did for myself. When I went to you I was at a crossroads in my life. Both professionally and personally, I was struggling to find my way. Your empathy, kindness and tough love were just what I needed to get me back on track. I am now happy to report my career is back on track and personally life could not be better. I now have a happy husband and a new, happy 3-month-old baby boy!! I don’t know where I would be now without your guidance. You truly are quite gifted at helping people find their way!!
-Irene Tassiopulous-Lyle, Full Time Homemaker


Coaching with Amy each week was an amazing experience.

I learned to be more open-minded, non-judgmental, communicate more effectively. Specifically, I have learned not to be so reactionary. I learned that I truly have the power and ability to do anything that I set my mind my mind to, including career opportunities and relationship improvements. I am more confident, self-assured and prepared for my life as a Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur, and Author.
-Tamara Spinner Zachery, Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur & Author


Amy makes me look at things differently.

Coaching has brought me Amy, who never judges, never criticizes, and always supports. She cares, digs deeper (even when it doesn’t always feel good, but actually IS a good thing), and makes me look at things differently. She has given me courage when I needed it, support when I needed to face my fears, love when I just needed to feel love and to remember to love myself, and the ability to realize that I’m human and OK, just as I am.
-Frances-Victoria Cole, Human Resources Manager, 3-Com


I learned I can actually accomplish what I set out to do.

Coaching really helped me search within me, rather than outside of me, for the things that aren’t quite right in my life. I learned I can actually accomplish what I set out to do…I have been listening to my body, my spirit, and exercising regularly.
-Helen De La Cruz, Account Executive, Oakwood


Heart Based Business Coaching

“I’ve had the most wonderful heart-based business coaching with Amy Ahlers! The path I need to take with my business is all so clear to me now, and so deliciously doable! I won’t even have to give up my downtime or my art. The areas she advised me to focus in on are already ares of strength. It is such a blessing to just know the right places to focus on, and to not sweat the other less effective stuff. It is advice from 6-figure divas like Amy, who have worked smartly & diligently toward dreams and goals that make my FEM Talks business grow and change and mature. I know what I need to do now. And I’m doing it!”
-Jessica Hadari, Founder, FEM Talks women’s alliance


Loving Support and Fierce Guidance

“Thank you for gently embracing me just the way I am, with loving support, and fierce guidance. I feel excited at the possibility to give & receive with so much love, to support and be supported! Amazing how in one call, you could see into my soul, my values, and my love, deeply resonating with my soul purpose, while offering so much wisdom, perfectly paired with practical advice. Soul-full, that is for sure, and for me, the most valuable asset I could ever have. I am so very grateful. With all of the people I have been so blessed to meet, and courses I have enrolled in over the years, your call, along with VIS, really has left an everlasting mark on my heart. I am truly and deeply grateful for this amazing experience.”
-Anastassia Grace, Evidential Spirit Medium

(My coaching) experience has been exceptional.

…truly life changing. Amy’s insight, flexibility, unique perspective, empathy and HUMOR were wonderful.


I learned how to talk about myself.

(Coaching) made me focus on long simmering issues. It helped me to develop strategies to deal with these issues so I can keep them from dragging on in my life. It helped me to be clearer in my thinking about my life. It gave me more control of my emotions…I learned that to have relationships, I don’t need to be the person that does all the accommodating. I liked learning new strategies and new ways of thinking about life. I learned how to talk about myself.