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The 3-Step Process 2017-11-06T10:04:47+00:00

The Wake-Up Call 3-Step Process is designed to transform and dis-empower the negative thoughts  of your Inner Critic, or Inner Mean Girl as Christine Arylo and I dubbed her. After all, your Inner Mean Girl/Inner Critic is a big fat liar. Her job is to keep you safe, inside your comfort zones (even if they aren’t all that comfortable) and maintain the status quo. I am taking a stand for you to tune into your Inner Wisdom’s truth.

Take yourself through the Wake-Up Call 3-step process anytime you are being really hard on yourself or find yourself in a downward spiral.

  • Step One: Ask yourself, “What is my Inner Mean Girl saying?”
  • Step Two: Then close your eyes and take a deep-breath and ask yourself, “What does my Inner Wisdom know?”
  • Step Three: Finally, lock in your Inner Wisdom’s truth by repeating it back (out loud if possible) with a physical gesture to lock it in. My Inner Wisdom has me tap my heart; I have a client that waves her hand, and another client that touches her belly. Whatever feels right to you.

Check out this video of Amy leading a LIVE Inner Mean Girl Transformation….


For example, let’s say that you are overweight and are beating yourself up. You could begin to believe your Inner Mean Girl and buy into her lies such as “I am fat and I’ll never get this under control” or “I’m worthless.”  In contrast, you could choose to believe your Inner Wisdom’s truth such as “I’ve had a lot on my plate and I’ve let my weight slip and I believe in my power to get back on track,” and “I am ready and committed to carving out time for self-care.” Shift your focus to your Inner Wisdom; it will always bring you in line with your truth and compassion, and will always make you feel better!

From the space of your Inner Wisdom’s truth, you’ll find yourself inspired to take “intuitive action”, or action fueled by inspiration and desire instead of should’ves and shame. You’ll discover new mindsets and perspectives. And you’ll feel connect to source, God, The Universe. How fabulous is THAT?!