The other day I was over at my parent’s house with my two year old daughter, Annabella who decided she would really like to munch on some

Annabella--the 2 year old magic pretzel finder!

Annabella--The 2 year old magic pretzel finder!

pretzels. She looked at her grandparents and said “Pretzels please”. To which my mom replied, “I’m sorry Bella, we don’t have any pretzels.”

Bella took that in and decided she would not take NO for an answer. She smiled with a mischievous grin and with a huge nod said, “Maybe”.

She was sure that is was POSSIBLE that there were pretzels somewhere in the pantry. We all got a kick out of her fresh spirit, and the purity of her desire. She again said, “Maybe” and laughed, nodding profusely.

So my Dad got up and went into the pantry and sure enough found a big, fresh bag of pretzels that were hidden underneath a box of crackers. Bella squealed with delight and did her happy dance. And we all marveled at the magic pretzels.

And it got me wondering:

  • Where in life are you getting a no? And how could you respond with a big “Maybe”?
  • Where could you decide to dive into the possibility that things will work out…that you’ll get what you want?
  • How could you raise your belief that YOUR bag of pretzels, so to speak, will magically appear?

I am sending you a wish for many magic pretzels in your life today and every day!

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