Dear One,

If you’re anything like me, you have situations, people, parts of yourself that feel unlovable.

What feels unlovable to you? Your thighs, your bank account, the mistake you made 5 years ago, the way you lost it with your child, that you haven’t found that soulmate yet?

When we declare IT is unlovable, it’s like we’re withholding our love from the child that needs it the most. How about we find a way to love the unlovable instead? I created this short video to help you to love the unlovable. Click BELOW to watch it.

I’m sending you so much love…especially to the situations and parts of you that feel unlovable.



P.S. I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of watching today’s video…and that you’ll share it with your loved ones and leave me a comment too. I love hearing from you!

Please let me know the unlovable you’re now loving in the comments below!