Yes, it’s true. After a lovely run with my sweetheart of a mutt, Dozer, I came into the kitchen and realized I had left the back door open. As the family gathered to begin dinner, a rat scurried out from under the refrigerator right across our kitchen floor. YIKES!  Now what you may not know about me is that rats are one of my all time WORST fears. At that moment, I became the stereo-typical 50s housewife. I jumped up on the counter and squealed at the top of my lungs.

We quickly vacated the premises after my hero of a husband, Rob, tried to get it out the door…we spent the next 4 nights at my parents’ house as Rob and my Dad made daily trips to our house to deal with the rat.

Now, being the Wake-Up Call Coach and all, I knew I HAD to look at the deeper truth about this event. It was like my FEAR and ANXIETY about 2011 was let loose, standing before me  in rat form. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling extra emotional, very vulnerable, and even trepidations about the year ahead. I’ve been bracing for what the year will bring…like being on the roller coaster ride on the way up. Click…click…click…wow…uhhh…this….is…going…to…be…one…helluva…ride!!!

2011 is set to be a HUGE year for me. And I know it to the core of my being. I feel my CUP RUNNETH OVER professional power mantra coming on strong.  I have my first book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves, due out in the Fall from New World Library and I’m busy doing edits, an intensive program called The Inner Wisdom Circles launching this month, and a big partnership on the horizon with a company I LOVE (details to be released when it’s all official-stay tuned!). Add to that my SEXY BACK personal power manta for the year (oh yes…it is ON for me to reclaim my body, my physical strength, my beauty, my sensuality and MORE this year!), being a mom of a rambunctious 3-year old and the wife to an incredibly talented, cutie pie husband and I have one full plate.

So how can I be fully present to all the amazing things I’ve created (these are all FABULOUS things to celebrate and I feel incredibly lucky!)?

Is there a way to approach a filled to the brim schedule with joy?

How do I process the vulnerability and fear of getting my message out in the world in a bigger way?

One thing I know for sure…my Inner Mean Girl is NOT the right person to ask. She is just so… mean! So I’ve turned to my Inner Wisdom instead and she is delivering the goods. (Remember to do your 3-step process, ladies and gentlemen, to uncover your Inner Wisdom’s truth!) She is telling me things like:

  • Continue your Daily Practice—make it a top priority to sit quiet each day
  • Find and speak gratitude each and every day
  • Build more support structures
  • Be 100% REAL about the way you’re feeling…hence this post
  • BE with the fear as it comes up…and watch it dissolve

So I’m doing just that. And I’m happy to say we’re finally back at home and Rufus the rat (yes, we named him) is gone. But the wake-up call he gave me remains (and I admit, I’m still a bit jumpy!).

How are YOU feeling about YOUR year? Please post your comments below!