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This Thursday's Women Masters Call–Be a YES!

This Thursday's Women Masters Call–Be a YES!

This Thursday May 14th FREE Women Masters Tele-Seminar at noon-1pm PDT features bestselling author, Adryenn Ashley

Topic: Be A Yes!

You will:

1. Move past the barriers that are holding you back from achieving success
2. Identify your personal passion and unique skill set
3. Embrace challenges and transform obstacles into opportunities


About Adryenn:

Adryenn Ashley is the classic American story with a twist; she utilizes her unique talents to help others achieve their personal American success story. A high school dropout who was raised by a single mother on welfare, she didn’t let adversity cloud her dreams. After a short stint in the army resulted in injuries that sent her home rather than to Germany with her unit, Adryenn recovered and with cheerleader energy, optimism and grit she started over. Working a fulltime corporate job she put herself through college, earning a BA in Psychology from Dominican University and an MA in Film Production and Finance from Sonoma State.

She has built a media empire with companies as varied as 21st Century Pictures, ChickLit Media Group, and Wow! Is Me. The very first film Adryenn produced was the award winning indie favorite “Metal”, about an average man’s struggle to free himself from the poverty and hopelessness surrounding him, which is now celebrating its Tenth Anniversary with a television premiere and DVD launch. In addition to her success behind the camera, Adryenn branched out into the publishing world with her award winning bestselling book Every Single Girl’s Guide to Her Future Husband’s Last Divorce, an insightful and comedic take on how women can plan and deal with the financial ramifications of marrying divorced man. Utilizing her marketing and production skills, with Wow! Is Me she transforms everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities.

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About the Author:

Amy Ahlers is the creator of The Women Masters and the CEO of Wake-Up Call Coaching.