This Thursday October 8th’s  FREE Women Masters Tele-Seminar, noon-1pm PT, features

The Book Proposal Coach to the Stars, Linda Sivertsen

Topic: Do You Have a Book Idea?

This call will help you:

1. To motivate you to go for your dream of writing your book already (even if you have “NO time”).
2. To demystify the process of writing a book proposal into easy to accomplish steps
3. To think like an agent/editor at a publishing house, so that you deliver what they’re looking for.


Linda Sivertsen

Linda Sivertsen

About Linda

Linda Sivertsen is a highly sought-after award-winning, bestselling author who LOVES helping writers get book deals. She’s an expert Book Proposal Coach (for the often intimidating business plan agents and publishers require before they’ll offer you a book deal), and has written proposals for clients that have garnered 6- & 7-figure deals. Last year she wrote the proposals for, and then co-authored two bestsellers: The NYT bestseller Harmonic Wealth with James Ray (Hyperion) and Generation Green: The Ultimate Teen Guide to Living an Eco-Friendly Life with her son, Tosh (Simon & Schuster, currently in its 4th printing).

Linda believes it’s time for you to write your book NOW because in these competitive days, a book with your name on it increases your market value, your credibility, your opportunities and your professional profile in every way. And, it’s one of the most fulfilling things you can do! Linda works with the best in the business (from writers, agents, and editors) and her track record for launching successful authors gets better every year. Listen in and find out how she can help make it happen for you.

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