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Wake-Up Your Business Strategy Sessions

Wake-Up Your Business Strategy Sessions 2017-05-25T10:12:35+00:00

with Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach

You can tap into the mindshare of Amy and put her heart and soul to work for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. Amy catapulted her businesses to nearly three quarters of a million dollars in sales in less than 4 years and created a multiple offer book deal, amazing launches for tele-classes and events, incredible tele-summits, a database of over 40k and achieved bestsellerdom with her first book.

Up until now, Amy has only reserved her private coaching & business strategy time with high-end VIP clients and her platinum groups…but she is now opening the doors for one-off Wake Up Your Business sessions for entrepreneurs that are ready to soar to new heights.


Prior to the session, Amy will send you a pre-session discovery sheet to help you focus on the greatest outcomes for your time together. Amy will review your discovery sheet and sales pages or squeeze pages prior to your session so you can get on the call and fly!

Your session will be a 90-minute powerhouse love-filled, all eyes on YOU and YOUR VISION wake-up call!


  • You have tons of ideas floating around about what you need to do next and are ready to GROUND and get INTO ACTION
  • You feel like you’re stuck or have plateaued in your business and are ready to GET UNSTUCK and FLY
  • You have a sales page or squeeze page that isn’t converting like it should and you want to INCREASE CONVERSIONS NOW
  • You are about to launch a new product or service and could use some MENTORING around HOW TO MARKET IT
  • You want to list build by doing a tele-series or summit and want a SUMMIT and TEL-SERIES EXPERT to COACH YOU ON HOW TO MAKE IT SUCCESSFUL
  • You feel like you’re sitting on a goldmine and can’t figure out how to MONETIZE YOUR MISSION!

And let’s be clear here, you’re NOT ready for a strategy session with Amy if you’re just starting out, don’t know what a sales or squeeze page is or you’re not generating any revenue yet. A MUCH better use of your time and energy is to immediately take Dr. Lissa Rankin and I’s Visionary Ignition Switch Red Hot Secrets Webinar (FREE!), filled with step by step content to help you fire up your message, money and meaning in the world. During the free webinar, you’ll be offered a special opportunity to join hundreds of students with Visionary Ignition Switch’s eight module program. Complete that course, then come see Amy for a one-off session!

Investment only $997
Or three installments of $380
Once you complete your purchase, Amy’s assistant, Lucie, will be in contact to schedule your session ASAP.
Questions? Contact Amy’s team at and Lucie or April will get you hooked up! 🙂


“An hour of coaching with Amy is hugely inspiring, immensely practical and creates RESULTS in innovative ways and ways you have probably missed!

Her experience, credentials, hands on moxie (such a funny word moxie!) and intuitive guidance REALLY simplify the processes that will make an immediate difference in your business. We always hear about ‘the next level.’ Amy and her work ARE the next level.”

-SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) Author, Artist, Succulent Wild Woman

“When it comes to marketing, enrolling, business models and selling my stuff, I still have those moments—feeling overwhelmed and tentative. That’s when I turn to the brilliant, powerful, insightful and oh-so-real Amy Ahlers. Amy is a wise business strategist with a lot of courage when it comes to creating marketing and branding for personal growth programs. She generously shares her best stuff with that girlfriend-y energy that always makes me think ‘yes, I can do this!’. I’ve solved chronic problems, grown my list by 33% and connected with a whole new level of joint venture opportunities based on the coaching I’ve gotten from Amy!

~Karen Russo, award-winning author, The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power,

“Amy encouraged me to see things from a new light that made me feel comfortable enough to do things like build a sales page and do joint venture partners. Amy listened from a place of profound wisdom, and intuition. Amy has the right combination of heart, business savvy and visionary to bring any project to its fullness.

~Creative Being Shiloh Sophia McCloud

“I have coached many and been coached by many. I told my fiance the other night, ‘Amy Ahlers is at the top of my list for me.’ She is laser focused, genius creative and grounds everything into an action plan. She rocks it from minute one, and I like that!”

~Steve Sisgold Author, Speaker, Coach

“Amy Ahlers and I met in a Mastermind group of authors, where we’re all supposed to help each other grow our businesses, but I feel like I got the better end of the deal. When we first met, I had a committed tribe of beautiful people, but hadn’t figured out how to translate a community into a business. But lucky me, Amy had the secret sauce- and she shared her wisdom, years of experience, and dedication to unraveling the mysteries of online marketing in a way that, contrary to other online marketing and business strategy gurus, made my heart swell. If you have a vision but haven’t figured out how to bring your business to life or if you long to leverage the entrepreneurial business you already have, Amy’s the genius you didn’t believe existed. In a market full of fakes who promise but can’t deliver, Amy’s the real deal.

~Lissa Rankin M.D., Founder, Owning Pink and

“I’ve had the most wonderful heart-based business coaching with Amy Ahlers! The path I need to take with my business is all so clear to me now, and so deliciously doable! I won’t even have to give up my downtime or my art. The areas she advised me to focus in on are already ares of strength. It is such a blessing to just know the right places to focus on, and to not sweat the other less effective stuff. It is advice from 6-figure divas like Amy, who have worked smartly & diligently toward dreams and goals that make my FEM Talks business grow and change and mature. I know what I need to do now. And I’m doing it!”

~Jessica Hadari, Founder, FEM Talks women’s alliance

“Thank you for gently embracing me just the way I am, with loving support, and fierce guidance. I feel excited at the possibility to give & receive with so much love, to support and be supported! Amazing how in one call, you could see into my soul, my values, and my love, deeply resonating with my soul purpose, while offering so much wisdom, perfectly paired with practical advice. Soul-full, that is for sure, and for me, the most valuable asset I could ever have. I am so very grateful. With all of the people I have been so blessed to meet, and courses I have enrolled in over the years, your call, along with VIS, really has left an everlasting mark on my heart. I am truly and deeply grateful for this amazing experience.”

~Anastassia Grace, Evidential Spirit Medium


Investment only $997
Or three installments of $380
Once you complete your purchase, Amy’s assistant will be in contact to schedule your session ASAP.
Questions? Contact Amy’s team at and Lucie or April will get you hooked up! :).

BTW, is your Inner Mean Girl or Inner Critic yelling at you–saying your not worth it or that you shouldn’t need help? No worries, darling! I got your back. Let your Inner Cynic know that if you investment in a session with Amy and don’t feel it was worth every penny, she’ll refund you. It’s how we roll (and no one has ever had to take us up on it!).