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We’re having a (boy or girl?)…‏

We’re having a (boy or girl?)…‏

Dear One,

Oh my goodness! I’m sending this out today (instead of my normal Wake-Up Call Wednesday send) because I wanted to be able to share the joy-filled news with you about whether we are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl.

We just found out late last night during our 20-week ultrasound appointment. We had our 6-year old, Annabella, come with us and we asked the technician to whisper boy or girl in Bella’s ear and then Bella got to be the bearer of the good news! Of course we videoed it (only 30 seconds long) so we could share the joy with you.

Go to my Facebook Page and watch so Bella can tell you the big news too!

While you’re on my Facebook page, I have a quick favor to ask. Will you hit the “like” button at the top too? I so appreciate you liking my page, as I’m in the process of going out for my next book deal. I’m co-writing the book with Christine Arylo based on our Inner Mean Girl Reform School program. I’m SO excited about it…and you can never have too many “likes” or “tweets” when you’re going out for a book deal!

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I so appreciate it!

As a token of my gratitude for your generosity, please accept a download of one of my favorite Exposing the Big Fat Lies Summit calls and a fabulous accompanying playsheet…my interview with the Succulent Wild Woman herself, SARK. (Normally this interview and worksheet is only available to peeps who purchased a Big Fat Lies Party Pack, but today it’s my thank you gift to all of you that take a moment to follow me on FB and Twitter.)

GO HERE TO DOWNLOAD the juicy call with SARK as my thank you gift.
GO HERE TO DOWNLOAD the succulent playsheet for the SARK call as my thank you gift.

Thank you for your endless love and incredible generosity.

With appreciation,

P.S. I have to say that I was SHOCKED by the gender of the little baby in my belly. I would have bet my house on it going the other way. And I couldn’t be happier!



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