Have you ever gone through a time when it felt like everything was wrong?

Like things just weren’t going your way?

When you felt like you were trapped under water in the darkness, just yearning for a way to get to the surface?

Me too!

In truth, I’ve been going through a bit of a rough spell. And my Inner Mean Girl and Inner Critic has been making this mean all sorts of things. You see, I just love to have fun. To play. To be feel like it’s a great time to be alive. That’s my message in the world, right? But what about when I don’t feel so sunny? When I’m not feeling any play or fun?

I made a little video for you to share how I’ve been coming back to the light. I’m calling it Three Tips for What to Do When It Feels Like Everything Just Sucks!

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With love,


P.S. Here’s that link to my new friend, Gabrielle Bernstein’s website and book trailer. You’re just going to love her and her book (if you already don’t!). http://gabbyb.tv/