Dear One,

When was the last time you took a true look at how aligned you are with what is sacred in your life? It can be all too easy to slip into being in reaction mode (instead of creation mode) in our lives. And all of a sudden a month, or year, or decade has slipped by with no consciousness about what we most hold dear. shannon t

So I want to invite you to listen to this special audio interview I did with my dear friend, Shannon Thompson, who is the founder and visionary behind the non-profit, Shakti Rising.

On this Wake-Up Call audio recording, Shannon and I walk you through a series of inquires to help you become clear about what your SACRED PRIORITIES are in your life and how you can ensure that you are living a life that is in alignment with those priorities.

I hope you will find this conversation and the inquiries as meaningful as I do. Leave a comment for me on my blog (below) about what your sacred priorities are.

I am sending you a day filled with hope, faith, trust, surrender, love and sacredness.

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

P.S. Shannon is leading two powerful retreats this month called Practical Alchemy: Part I of Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training. This training is going to be off the hook, shake your booty, wave your hands in the air AMAZING. I so wish I could go myself…

I wanted to share Shannon’s training with you because it is perfect for women leaders and visionaries. And I just know it will call to women who hold embodied wisdom as a sacred priority. If that is you, check it out!

GO HERE to learn more about this training and about Shakti Rising.

Please leave me and Shannon a comment below about what your sacred priorities are and how aligned you are with them in YOUR life!