Dear One,

I’ve been doing a lot of volunteering at my daughter, Annabella’s, school. Her school operates on the principles of Positive Discipline, as does our family. One of the cornerstones is that we all need a sense of belonging and significance. And when we feel insignificant or that we don’t belong, we act out.

What does acting out look like to you? Maybe it shows up as procrastination, rebellion, over-eating, or throwing a major tantrum?

Join me today on my LIVE Wake-Up Call Show webcast at 9am PT/12pm ET to talk about belonging, about how significant you are, and what to do when the “I don’t belong” Big Fat Lie has trapped you so you feel like you’re swimming in Vaseline.

Can’t wait to be with you!

With enthusiasm,




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Let me know below how acting out shows up for you…and where you feel you DO belong!