Darling One,

If you had a moment to watch my celebration video, you know my husband, daughter and I are overjoyed to report that we are pregnant AT LAST!  Thank you all so very much for caring, for your congrats emails, messages, comments and tweets. I am always so incredibly touched by your love.

Now here’s the truth: I spent a year and a half NOT getting what I want. And having a reminder every 28 days that the baby wasn’t here yet was not so easy. In fact, it was really f*cking hard!

I learned a thing or two on the path to this happy ending I’m in the midst of…a lot about what to do when you DON’T get what you want. So I made you a video today about What To Do When You Don’t Get What You Want.

CLICK BELOW to watch my five step process.

What is that deep desire that has yet to come true for you? Not being pregnant yet or the soulmate not arriving yet or your body not being healthy yet?

Please take that desire and try my five step process in the video and let me know how it goes. I hope this process will help you on your path to getting exactly what you want!

I’m sending you a rainbow of love,

P.S. Oh, one more thing. Sometimes it isn’t that we don’t get what you want…it’s that we don’t know WHAT we want! I get it. Especially if you feel like you’re still searching for your life purpose.

If that is true for you, I wanted to ensure that you grabbed the FREE tele-jam that I co-led with Martha Beck and Lissa Rankin, all about Finding Your Calling.

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P.P.S. In the video, I mention the incredible work I’ve been doing with my spirit coach, Elisabeth Manning. She is a master at helping women create anything they want (especially babies!) from a space of fertility and consciousness. Check out Elisabeth’s work here…and tell her I sent ya!

Leave a comment below about the deep desire you are waiting for and how the five step process worked for you! And I’m always honored when you share the love 🙂