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No matter how hard you are on yourself or how many Big Fat Lies your Inner Critic is beating you up with, I know you can break free and own your brilliance. I’m Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach, and I’m taking a STAND for women to STOP being so hard on themselves and START practicing self-love and self-compassion instead.  Join over nearly 50k souls from all over the world that are ready to shine bright! Start with my Wake Up Your Inner Wisdom kit above.

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Join Amy and Christine Arylo for a 90-minute special Inner Mean Girl Reform School “Open House” session… a webinar just for you. We will tell the truth about the being so hard on yourself epidemic affecting women everywhere… share three of our BEST SUPER POWER INNER MEAN GIRL TRANSFORMATION TOOLS… and also reveal the secrets behind where Inner Mean Girls come from.

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The Wake-Up Call Show: How You Spend Your DAYS is How You Spend Your LIFE?

Dearest One, “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” ~Annie Dillard It’s so true, isn’t it? The moments turn into days, the days into weeks, the weeks into months, the months into years. So it goes. Our daily life is our real life. Finding the everyday sacred is the key to…

The Wake-Up Call Show: A Resolution Solution (VIDEO)

Dear One, Can you believe January is almost half over!? My word, does time go fast. In my experience as a life coach for over 15 years, I’ve found this is about the time that New Year’s Resolutions begin to fail. Ugh! So I made you a short video that highlights a resolution solution. Click…

The Wake-Up Call Show: My 7 Year Old’s Fear Blocking Process

Dear One, If you celebrate Christmas, I’m sending you wishes for a merry one! I was getting ready to shoot a final 2014 Wake-Up Call video when my 7 year old, Annabella, entered my office. I asked her if she wanted to join me and she yelled a resounding YES! She then proceeded to tell…

The Wake-Up Call Show: No More Hell or High Water!

Dear One, Do you ever subscribe to the “come hell or high water” attitude…the no matter what I will MAKE THIS HAPPEN mindset!? I used to do it a lot in my life…especially in my business. I would push and will things into action. My Inner Achievement Junkie would come in full force wanting me…