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Welcome Dear One!

No matter how hard you are on yourself or how many Big Fat Lies your Inner Mean Girl is beating you up with, I know you can break free and see the truth of your magnificence. I’m Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach, bestselling author and Life Coach and I’m taking a STAND for women to STOP being so hard on themselves and START practicing self-love and self-compassion instead.  Join nearly 50k souls from all over the world that are ready to shine bright! Start with my Wake Up Your Inner Wisdom kit above.

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The Wake-Up Call Show: How to Reclaim Your Body’s Brilliance with Steve Sisgold

Dearest One, Your beautiful body is absolutely BRILLIANT. Truly it is one of your greatest assets in your life… But maybe you’re feeling a bit disconnected from your body’s innate intelligence? Or maybe you are plugged in and can feel that your body has all sorts of secrets to reveal to you? Or perhaps you…

The Wake-Up Call Show: Do you have friends that vanish?

Dearest One, Lately I’ve been noticing a pattern and I’m curious if you experience it too. One that always knocks me out and blindsides me… I like to call it the vanishing friend syndrome (AKA “Ghosting” in the dating world. ) Sometimes it occurs when a crisis strikes and you notice some people in your…

The Wake-Up Call Show: You Deserve Good Things

Dearest One, Do you believe you deserve good things? Good people? Good money? Good love? Good health? Goodness in your life? Perhaps it seems like a silly question at first glance. Maybe you have that voice inside you screaming, “YES I DESERVE GOODNESS IN MY LIFE, AMY!” Or perhaps you’re under Inner Mean Girl attack…

The Wake-Up Call Show: So Tired of Being Disappointed in Myself

She asked me if I was ready to let go of feeling disappointed all the time. I looked at her, blinking with belief. I didn’t really understand what the heck she was talking about. “Are you ready to stop believing you’re disappointing everyone, including yourself?” Blink. Breath. “I’m not really sure I feel that way.”…