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The Wake-Up Call Show: I am grateful for you (Meditation)

Dearest One,

I feel you over there.

I see the beautiful life you’ve created for yourself.

I see the challenges, failures and disappointments too.

I know how lucky you feel. And I know how deeply you desire to contribute more, create more and become even more of who you came here to BE.

So this Thanksgiving, I’m sending gratitude that people like you exist in this world.
I feel so thankful that there are so many bright lights shining into the dark places.

I appreciate you.

Here is my gratitude meditation for you to enjoy so you can go on a rampage of deep appreciation.

Please take 20 minutes out of your holiday weekend to listen and let me know how it goes, ok? (This year I added some beautiful piano to the track courtesy of my talented, handsome husband, Rob.)

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet one.

With gratitude,

P.S. My dear friend and long-time client, Julie Santiago, has created an amazing free Facebook group called The 40-Day Gratitude Circle and it is truly magical! It’s a place to come to be yourself without fear of judgment or criticism, a place to celebrate, to hope, and to be fully seen for who you are. The next 40 day practice just started and over 5300 people are soaking in gratitude and appreciation, so hop on in. I’ll be there and I’d love to see you in the group. JOIN US HERE:!

Private Business Mentorship – 8 Spots Left – Is One of Them Yours, Dear One?

Dearest One,

I’ve had the privilege of doing one on one calls with incredible, inspiring visionaries around the world about my Full Flight business mentorship program. It’s been jaw dropping to talk to these visionaries about their callings and businesses and see if I might be the right fit for helping them take their business to the next level in 2016.

If you’d also like to hop on a call with me to talk about business mentorship, GO HERE to fill out the application.

Here’s what I’m seeing: hustling and working more & harder isn’t the answer to taking your business to the next level. It’s about creating a sacred business model that’s in alignment with your soul and life.

I created a short video about what I mean. CLICK BELOW to watch it:

If you have an established business and…

*  you know in your heart and soul that 2016 is a year of expansion
*  you know you need to have the right mentor by your side walking with you
*  you can feel that you’re on the brink of that next level and that being with a tribe of heart-centered visionaries is a non-negotiable.

Then, step up and raise your hand and let’s talk.

GO HERE to apply now. Only 8 spots remain. Is one of them yours?

With unstoppable enthusiasm and tremendous love,

P.S. I haven’t done anything like this in years. I’ve been busy birthing a baby, launching a book and re-calibrating my own business model.

But after the Visionary Ignition Switch 6-figure launch in September and talking to visionaries that inspire me on a profound level, I felt a call to work deeply with a small, select group of visionaries for 9 months in a very intimate way. I’d love to talk if you feel that full body YES.

Apply here.

You are enough, Dear One.

Dear One,

Underneath the surface of your filled to the brim life there is one thing that can change everything. That one shift that will cause ripple effects in every single area of your your life when you change it.

What is this one thing?

It’s your one big core belief that is no longer serving you.

I like to call it your motherlode Big Fat Lie. (I talk a lot about this in my bestselling book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves.)Evie Don't Believe Pic

Maybe you’re like Jules, a platinum coaching client, who discovered the Big Fat Lie of “I’m damaged goods” lurking in the cracks of her heart, wrecking havoc on her life. It stopped her from being in healthy relationships and from launching her creative business. When she transformed it, everything changed. She’s now living with a man she adores and has a thriving artistic business that brings her so much joy.

Or perhaps you’re like Leslie, a business mentorship client, who felt the pangs of the “I have nothing original to say” and “I’m not enough” stories. This showed up in all sorts of ways; she was undercharging her clients, was stopping herself from collaborations and was putting off releasing her own high end program because she was afraid she would disappoint and fail her clients. She was certain making that big of a commitment to them would mean she’d be found out as a fraud. Once we began healing that story, Leslie owned her worth on a profound level. She created a platinum program that reflected her divine gifts in an unprecedented way and filled it. Now the floodgates are open, she has clients begging to work with her and she’s charging the highest rates she ever has.

Here’s the thing about this core Big Fat Lie that is running you and blocking you: it starts to feel like THE TRUTH. It’s been ingrained for a long time in your life, the neural pathways are deep in your brain, like a well traveled highway that you unconsciously drive on every day. You’ll experience a true awakening when you see it and identify it.

But, boy, once you do identify and shift it, it feels like absolute divine liberation. You become freer to be who you’re truly meant to be and to fulfill on your soul’s assignment.

What is that one core Big Fat Lie that you’re ready to shift? (Hint: close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask your Inner Wisdom to reveal the signs.)

What would it be like to truly, deeply, profoundly, OWN YOUR WORTH in every area of your life?

To your transformation,

Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach

Bestselling Author of Reform Your Inner Mean Girl
& Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves
Co-Creator of Inner Mean Girl Reform School,
Find Your Calling and Visionary Ignition Switch

P.S. I’m putting together a high level private business mentorship & mastermind for visionaries ready to have a profound shift and own their worth. Go here if you’re interested.

The Wake-Up Call Show: A Devastating Diagnosis & Love Boat

Dearest One,

As you may already know, my beloved, dear friend and colleague who I’ve had the honor of teaching side by side with for the past couple of years, Dr. John Waddell, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer over the summer.

I’ve been by John and his fiancé, SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)’s sides for the amy susan johnpast 3+ months, walking with them on the path to healing. An amazing crew of dedicated friends has put together a FUNdraiser, called the Love Boat, to create a boat of love to buoy up John’s healing process, allowing him to access AMAZING alternative treatments, stay in succulent, wild nests & creative coves, and help pay the bills while they’re both not working. And the best part is that you’ll receive incredible PERKS when you donate from transformational teachers around the world, including me!

GO HERE to participate in the Love Boat and feel the love.

I wanted today to share my own story of the powerful awakenings that John’s diagnosis has created for John, for Susan, for their readers and for me.

At the end of 2014 John began experiencing symptoms. It came on slowly at first, but by the time John was admitted the hospital on July 6, he was not in good shape. And I felt relieved that he was under the care of a wonderful team of doctors and would get tests done so that we could understand what the heck was going on. Susan kept me posted via text and phone calls through the hospital admission process and her dear friend was with them to help them along the way. Susan went home for dinner and to rest as they performed the CT Scan and was going to go back to the hospital late night to meet with the doctor and have the results revealed.

It was after 9:30pm and I was tired, ready for sleep, with my baby girls finally in bed. I hung up the phone with Susan when I felt a tingling in my chest. I heard a voice, “Go with Susan to the hospital.” I felt my Inner Wisdom surging out of my chest. “Call her back and offer to pick her up.” I felt a bit silly at first, not wanting to pry or push myself onto a private moment. johnBut I listened to my inner voice and called Susan back. “Susan, I know this might sound crazy but I have a strong impulse to zoom across the bridge and pick you up and take you…” I couldn’t even finish the sentence before Susan blurted out, “YES!”. I gulped down a cup of coffee and got in my car and headed over to San Francisco.

I picked Susan up and we rushed over to the hospital lickety split, talking about how we were sure John was suffering from a simple infection (honestly, anything but the dreaded C word). John texted that the doctor had just arrived and they were waiting for us. We found a parking space out front, but I told Susan to hop out while I parallel parked so she could get up there ASAP. I would be right behind her.

I parked the car, entered the elevator with the smells of the hospital wafting in the air. I walked into the hospital room and saw the look on Susan’s face. Her eyes were big, tears beginning to stream. John looked emaciated in the hospital bed, but calm and clear. The doctor looked like he was delivering the worst news possible. Susan looked at me and said the dreaded words, “Stage 4 Colon Cancer.” FUCK! At times like this when the devastating diagnosis is delivered there is no better word to say. The doctor even said it, “Yes. This is an OH FUCK situation.”

I sat down next to Susan and put my hand on her back as she shook her head in disbelief, as if saying NO over and over again would change the reality somehow. I looked at John and took his hand as he calmly said, “Well, I created the cancer, I can uncreate it.” (This is John’s personal belief, which he doesn’t ask anyone else to share.) This sweet man didn’t skip a beat. Dr. John Waddell, my fellow co-creator and co-teacher of the Magical Manifestation Method program, just received a very UNmagical diagnosis and he sits there in his full power and decides right then and there that he will heal himself.sark

And boy has he been healing. He’s done more personal growth work in 3 months than most people do their entire lives. He’s welcomed help from all angels & angles: western medicine, energy medicine, shamans, and intuitives. His commitment to LIVING & THRIVING is strong.

John and Susan have turned a devastating diagnosis and health crisis into a profound awakening. As I witness them on their journey, I am truly blown away by their commitment to walking their talk and practicing what they preach and teach. Including what they share in their new book, Succulent Wild Love, which is due out in November! It illuminates the principles that they are living through this experience- from Joyful Solutions to MicroTruths to connecting with their Inner Wise Selves and so much more.

John and Susan have found and created the magic amongst the ashes. And I am a better person for having them both in my life.

With unstoppable love,

P.S. If you’re insS & J hugpired by John and Susan’s commitment to magic and awakening, go to their Love Boat FUNdraiser right now and donate and receive an amazing perk! Although several of my perks that I donated have sold out, there are so many amazing things to choose from, including the Inner Mean Girl 40 Day Cleanse!

And please share the Love Boat Together we’ll buoy up their love and John’s healing.

love boat

The Wake-Up Call Show: This drives me nuts… (Video)

Dearest One,

I’ve been sharing a lot with you over the past week about creating a soul-based, inspired visionary business because it is one of my callings to help like-minded, open hearted visionaries create sustainable, successful, abundant businesses. A business where your Inner Wisdom is your CEO.

Today I want to share with you the thing that drives me nuts when it comes to working with inspired visionaries; they often BLOCK their own ABUNDANCE because they think it isn’t spiritual or OK to receive money for their gifts.

So then they give and give and give and give.

And then often end up broke, spiritually & emotionally depleted, and full of resentment. Sometimes they even quit, saying it just wasn’t meant to be.

Too many talented, smart, amazing visionaries end up not fulfilling their soul’s calling because of this pattern.

This has got to stop. The cost is far too high.

I created a video on this very subject for the Align Your Divine Purpose Challenge and I wanted to share it with you today. CLICK BELOW to watch it!

I hope you’ll share this video with your fellow visionary friends.

If this message is resonating with you, I also invite you to join me TOMORROW for an online class that my dear friend, NY Times Bestselling Author & inspiring visionary businesswoman, Lissa Rankin, and I created:

Stop Being the World’s Best Kept Secret:
10 Heart-Centered Ways to Attract Your Tribe
& Grow Your Platform
with Lissa Rankin & Amy Ahlers

GO HERE to register now if you haven’t done so already

This special webinar is for visionaries who long to stay in impeccable alignment with their souls while creating abundant livelihood, sharing their message with the world in a big way, and creating sustainable businesses that allow for a deep sense of fulfillment and peace.

Are you in?

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

P.S. During this special class you will:

  • Discover a revolutionary way to approach building your tribe, using the beliefs of the “​k​arass” to help you magnetize your peaceful army of fellow light workers towards you
  • Align with a spiritual approach, rather than a “salesy way”, to attract your audience
  • Uncover specific soul centered strategies to grow your “platform” and inspire leadership among your fellow tribe members so they not only “follow” you; your influence on them helps them fulfill their own sacred purpose
  • Trust the Divine flow of those you are called to serve, rather than being driven by the pressure of the ego to force, push, coerce, achieve, or seek approval.
  • And so much more!

GO HERE to reserve your seat for this online event here.

The Wake-Up Call Show: How to Reclaim Your Body’s Brilliance with Steve Sisgold

Dearest One,

Your beautiful body is absolutely BRILLIANT. Truly it is one of your greatest assets in your life… But maybe you’re feeling a bit disconnected from your body’s innate intelligence? Or maybe you are plugged in and can feel that your body has all sorts of secrets to reveal to you?

Or perhaps you and your Inner Wisdom use your body as the ultimate truth teller in your life?

No matter what you resonate with above, I want you to learn how to unleash your body’s intelligence by inspiring to run out and grab 3 copies (one for you, one for a friend and one to hold onto as a future gift) of my dear friend, Steve Sisgold’s brand new book, Whole Body Intelligence.

Today, I want to gift you with an experience of Steve’s genius and breakthrough approach so I asked him to get on a video call with me. Click below to watch it:

YouTube Preview Image

Beginning with a heart felt foreword from my dear friend, NY Times best selling author Dr. Lissa Rankin M.D., Whole Body Intelligence: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body to Achieve Greater Wisdom, Confidence, and Success  presents a unique, body-centric approach to get out of your head and take charge of every area of your life with increased awareness, clarity, and confidence.While most self-improvement programs train people to identify and solve problems by grappling with them mentally, often to no avail, author, trainer and executive coach Steve Sisgold, takes you into the body, the most reliable, effective pathway to realizing one’s innermost desires and achieving success.

Whole Body Intelligence will Teach You:

  • How to become aware of subtle body sensations–such as gripping your phone or clenching your jaw during a tense conversation.
  • How to interpret your body’s messages and link them to negative thoughts and behaviors that are impeding your success and happiness.
  • Breakthrough techniques to recognize the patterns and imprints that have shaped experiences and decisions for your entire life.
  • How to change ”Viral” thoughts and behaviors before they become self-sabotaging into “Vital Beliefs”, employing simple, body-centric stress management tools.
  • To stay engaged, resilient, and relaxed in any situation.
  • To make difficult decisions without strenuous mental gymnastics. No more over thinking, no more lying awake at night strategizing your next move- just you trusting what you know and acting with confidence.

Inspiring and practical, Whole Body Intelligence empowers you to channel the power of your body to achieve your wildest dreams.

Order Today and Get Some Great Exclusive Gifts

Order your copy of WBI today, and receive some empowering bonus gifts, including exclusive conversations Steve has with Debbie Rosas, Lisa Rankin, and me, Amy Ahlers. You will also get an audio of Steve leading you through his Rebooting Technique.

You’re going to adore this book!

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

P.S. Steve’s work is being used worldwide by the president of the LA Dodgers, to leaders of corporations like PayPal and Google, to Oscar and Grammy winners to medical professionals.

I’ve personally worked with Steve and have been blown away by his work.

Now you get to hear all of his insights and participate in his programs, in this highly entertaining and interactive book. I love this book and I think you will too!


The Wake-Up Call Show: Do you have friends that vanish?

Dearest One,

Lately I’ve been noticing a pattern and I’m curious if you experience it too. One that always knocks me out and blindsides me…

I like to call it the vanishing friend syndrome (AKA “Ghosting” in the dating world. )

Noticed you were gone

Sometimes it occurs when a crisis strikes and you notice some people in your life just bail. They disappear. Vanish into thin air. No calls. No texts. No card or casserole.

Or maybe it happens when the BIG WIN occurs. The long awaited newborn baby makes her appearance. Or you landed the big deal or new house. Or you meet the love of your life. And that one friend, the one who adores you and has spent late nights with you never appears to hug you or high five you. No “atta girl” or “atta boy” love.

Just crickets.

Honestly, it drives me nuts. It shakes me to my core, leaving a huge impact, having me question the level of our connection. “Were we really ever that close?”

So I ask you to notice if you are that person. The one who turns into a ghost. The one who shows up…until you don’t.

What is the payoff of bailing? And what is it costing you?

For me I’m drawing new boundaries for myself around this style of friendship. Here’s how it goes:

First, I pay attention when it happens and inquire what the deal is directly with my friend. I let the person know the impact and see if there is room for growth.

Second, I try not to take it personally and practice radical acceptance when someone shows me that they are a ghoster. No trying to change them. I just love them.

Third, I don’t count on my vanishing friends. I just appreciate them when they show up and are present and continue to build a tribe of amazing friends that are consistent and that I can always count on.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. I read every one of em!

With love,

P.S. You may have noticed (or not!) that my Wake-Up Call Wednesdays are happening only once or twice a month these days. As a working mama with two little ones that’s my new rhythm. Now excuse me while I chase after my curious little toddler, Evie Rose, who loves to smile at me while trying to turn on the stove. :)

P.P.S. I love a good, short, supercharged interview, don’t you? I hFreedymad the pleasure of being interviewed by my very first internet marketing mentor, Ryan Lee, on his kick booty podcast, Freedym, which is leading the charge for heart-centered, lifestyle entrepreneurship.

This 10 minute interview will light you up with inspiration! Listen in and get fired up!


The Wake-Up Call Show: You Deserve Good Things

Dearest One,

Do you believe you deserve good things? Good people? Good money? Good love? Good health? Goodness in your life?

Perhaps it seems like a silly question at first glance. Maybe you have that voice inside you screaming, “YES I

You Deserve All Good Things... it's true!

You Deserve All Good Things… it’s true!


Or perhaps you’re under Inner Mean Girl attack right now in this moment and you feel a resounding “I DON’T DESERVE GOOD THINGS!”

Deserving and worthiness Big Fat Lies can begin seeping in at the subconscious level. Then our Inner Mean Girls and Critics start collecting evidence of how you just don’t deserve good things.

Take a look around to see if you are:

-tolerating toxic people in your life (friends, neighbors, romantic relationships, colleagues)
-treating your body like crap (starving it, stuffing it, sinking into the couch when it craves exercise)
-allowing your house/car/office to get covered in clutter, chaos and/or filth (every time you walk in your space you feel a sense of dread)
-having financial disorganization, not knowing the truth of your money
-what else?

Any of the above are signs that you may have a core belief that you just don’t deserve to have good things in your life. See if that resonates or gives any AHAs!

For me, I’ve been looking at this Big Fat Lie and getting very curious about some of my patterns in relationships and the way I treat myself. When I allow myself to really let my Inner Mean Girl rant there is a big ole’ deserve-ability belief mixed up in there. And I’m committed to clearing that OUT of my psyche so I can attract even more goodness into my life.

How about YOU?! Let me know below.

​With unstoppable LOVE,

P.S. You truly do deserve good things!

The Wake-Up Call Show: So Tired of Being Disappointed in Myself

She asked me if I was ready to let go of feeling disappointed all the time. I looked at her, blinking with belief. I didn’t really understand what the heck she was talking about.

“Are you ready to stop believing you’re disappointing everyone, including yourself?”

Blink. Breath.

“I’m not really sure I feel that way.”

She smiled a knowing, compassionate, loving smile. “It seems to me you’ve put a lot of expectations on yourself about what being a mother looks like, about what being a wife looks like, about all the things you SHOULD be doing in your business as an author and coach, about how your body looks and feels and so much more. And I can see that you feel like you’re never measuring up and failing to meet your own expectations.”


I teach this sh*t. I write about self-love and self-compassion. I coach my clients all the time about this. Why had I missed this in myself?

Thank goodness I have my own mentors, coaches and intuitive like Brandy Gillmore to illuminate what’s going on inside of me both consciously and unconsciously, to shine the light on my own Inner Mean Girls so that I can continue to break free from their wrath.

I got curious and leaned in. I went deeper and discovered a pile of disappointment that I wasn’t even aware of.

I believe that keeping promises to ourselves is a building block of self-love and self-esteem. But so often we aren’t even consciously making those promises. We casually make commitments to ourself that are completely unrealistic. From the “I will exercise 5 times this week” or the “I promise to volunteer in my child’s class and be fully present for every recital” or the “I will have hot sex with my beloved 3 times per week.”

Then we become like an inner drill sergeant demanding that we PUSH our way to the finish lines, for races we didn’t even know we were in, and when we miss the mark we end up with a gnawing, low grade disappointment in ourselves and can’t really pinpoint why.

So the “I’m failing” story gathers momentum and becomes part of the fabric of who we think we are.

The Expectation Inventory

Once I realized this, Brandy asked me to complete what I like to call an Expectation Inventory. In this process you literally go through every area of your life and dig out any of those unrealistic expectations you are carrying around you.

Take out a journal and do this right now if you’re with me on this one.

What expectations have you been knowingly or unknowingly putting on yourself? Have you been setting yourself up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations? This is a toxic habit of the Inner Critic and Inner Mean Girl.

For each of the areas below consider “What are my expectations?” and “If I don’t do ________, I feel disappointed in myself.” and “How am I ‘shoulding’ all over myself in this area?” and “I put pressure on myself to _____”

  • Your health and body (you may want to break this down to exercise expectations, eating expectations etc.)
  • Motherhood/parenthood, if applicable. (How do you measure your success as a mom? How much time do you feel you SHOULD be spending with your kid(s) etc.)
  • Friendships (Look at your close friendships and the promises you make to yourself about your social life. Do you put pressure on yourself to have a lifestyle where you drop everything for your friends?)
  • Your romantic partner (make sure to look at your expectations about time together, your sex life, connection etc.)
  • Finances (What are your expectations for income, savings, debt?)
  • Career (Are you supposed to be “further along”? Do you put pressure on yourself and feel burnt out all the time?)
  • Spirituality (What do you feel you SHOULD be doing spiritually? Do you have unrealistic commitments about church time or meditation time?)
  • Creativity and Self-Expression (Are you SUPPOSED to be painting each day? Are you disappointed in yourself for not finishing that book or project?)
  • Home life (Do you feel disappointed about the way your house looks or the laundry that piles up?)
  • What else?

As you look at your own self-promises you may begin to realize, like I did, how insane it is. How IMPOSSIBLE it is to live up to these standards of excellence all the time.

Now let’s hit the RESET button!

Now it’s time for you to make conscious promises in each of these areas where you feel unsuccessful and need a reset. To really go within to your Inner Wisdom and ask her what the new promise can be. For years and years I’ve taught my clients about this and how you can create three levels.

Set your new commitments at the “I’m a success” level: this is the bare minimum you require of yourself so that you will feel like you’re a success and that you’re winning. This new promise must be totally doable! You refuse to be disappointed in yourself as long as you hit this mark. The attitude here is “I promise to do ________ at a minimum and I chose to feel good about myself and my life when I hit this mark.”

amy quote2For example, for me the I’m a success promise with my 7 year old, Annabella, is that I will ask her each day what her best and worst was and be fully present with her as she answers, allowing her to process anything negative and celebrate and give gratitude for the positives. I am meeting my motherhood vision as long as I do this.

I’ve had clients who have decided the I’m a success promise around exercise is that they commit to being active for 5 minutes each day.

Or maybe for finances, you reach the I’m a success expectation when you have $200 in your savings account.

Again, this must be DOABLE

Success Breeds Success

Brandy reminded me of the truth that success breeds success (and conversely failure breeds failure.) So as you begin to feel successful you will build on that winning momentum. All of a sudden your promise of writing your book for 10 minutes each day leads to hours of writing or your commitment to eating dessert only 4 times per week turns into releasing sugar because you feel so fabulous etc.

I’d love to hear how this exercise worked for you, dear one. Let me know below.

With unstoppable love,

P.S. I’d love to be with you in person for a weekend dedicated to listening to your Inner Wisdom. The Inner Mean Girl Summer camp retreat is just a few weeks away and I’d be honored to sit in circle with you and this beautiful circle of women.

Day One is all about connection and being witnessed, deepening the sisterhood and setting intentions. Day Two is about exposing your Inner Mean Girl and getting to know your Inner Wisdom on a deeper level. Day Three is all about creating new self-love promises from your Inner Wisdom.

The intimate circle is forming. Are you called to join us? All the information is here!


The Wake-Up Call Show: What If You Gave Yourself a Break This Mother’s Day?

Dearest One,

I’ve been holding mamas in my heart and feeling into how hard we can be on ourselves. So I went on a run in the woods yesterday and decided to make a short video for all the mamas out there to give you permission to give yourself a break (feel free to forward to the moms you love). You’ll love this 3 minute release ritual!

I am sans makeup and a teeny bit sweaty…that’s just how this Mama rolls. Keepin it REAL!

In my Mama Truth Circle group, with myself and my mom friends, I see the pattern over and over again: we beat ourselves up for all the ways we feel we are failing as moms. Whether it’s about breast feeding or bottle feeding, screen time or sleep challenges, an ADHD diagnosis or dating, we torture ourselves, feeling like we don’t parent right or aren’t good enough.

The truth is we’re all doing the best we can.

What if you gave yourself a break as a gift this Mother’s Day? How about going easy on yourself and appreciating all you do RIGHT?

​I give you permission, mama, to celebrate what a beautiful Mom you are, right here, right now.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Let me know below how you are giving yourself permission to lighten up this mother’s day!