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The Wake-Up Call Show: A Resolution Solution (VIDEO)

Dear One,

Can you believe January is almost half over!? My word, does time go fast.

In my experience as a life coach for over 15 years, I’ve found this is about the time that New Year’s Resolutions begin to fail. Ugh! So I made you a short video that highlights a resolution solution. Click below to watch it!

I’d love for you to watch the video and leave a comment about who you want to become in 2015.

Sending love for an incredible New Year,

P.S. I wanted to also make sure you don’t miss the New Year Activation Call that I co-led with Christine Arylo last night. On the call, we teach even more about how to create your Stand & Power Mantra for the New Year and how to ensure your Inner Mean Girl doesn’t hijack your year. It’s called;

3 Secrets to Creating a Year You Love
Create Your 2015 from Your Inner Wisdom, Not Your Inner Mean Girl

We’re doing an encore of the call this Saturday, Jan.17th, and you’re invited to join us live or receive the recording later.

GO HERE to sign up for the 2015 Activation Call or to grab the recording!

The Wake-Up Call Show: My 7 Year Old’s Fear Blocking Process

Dear One,

If you celebrate Christmas, I’m sending you wishes for a merry one!

I was getting ready to shoot a final 2014 Wake-Up Call video when my 7 year old, Annabella, entered my office. I asked her if she wanted to join me and she yelled a resounding YES! She then proceeded to tell me what she wanted to share with all of you. :)

So we did a video together where Annabella created an on the spot process for dealing with fears and Inner Mean Girls.

YouTube Preview Image

I hope you enjoy Annabella’s story about how her Inner Mean Girl tried to hijack her mind, body and spirit with fear and how her Inner Wisdom guided her to focus on gratitude and what she loves instead.

I know there has been so much devastation going on in the world that creates cracks for fear and hopelessness to seep in. I’m sending you strength to ride the waves of truth about all there is to grieve and simultaneously ride the waves of truth about all the beauty and kindness in the world.

Keep being a bright and shining light of hope. The world needs you.

With much love and merry wishes,


P.S. I’ll be back with you next year! SMOOCH. 

Please leave a comment about how you can lean into your Inner Wisdom this New Year!

The Wake-Up Call Show: No More Hell or High Water!

Dear One,

Do you ever subscribe to the “come hell or high water” attitude…the no matter what I will MAKE THIS HAPPEN mindset!?

I used to do it a lot in my life…especially in my business. I would push and will things into action. My Inner Achievement Junkie would come in full force wanting me to PUSH it out and control it.

As a result, ​it seemed ​I could ​only ​create things from ​a​place of pushing and working hard. It became my creation pattern.

But, I’m changing my tune.

Forget hell or high water. I want heaven and flow instead. This means I don’t get to push and hustle.

Instead I relax in and let The Divine lead. And trust it is all working out how it is supposed to. Even if it LOOKS different.

This means releasing uninspired work and leaning into what feels truly delicious to me. This means following the inspiration lily pads and noticing what lights me up. This means say YES to what I truly want to do and who I want to me.

Now this does NOT mean I give up the moment a challenge shows up on my path as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and author. It just means that I don’t create from the place of challenge and hustle by default.

When challenges come up I lean into what feels GOOD as a solution.

I am considering this my STAND for 2015: Heaven and Flow. YUM!

What are you discovering about pushing and flow? Comment below and let me know!


P.S. Our Dreaming In Paradise retreat is one of those FLOW things in my life. The circle is forming for the retreat and each woman is so spectacular!

Shiloh and I are conducting a LIVE Dream Diving call TOMORROW for women that are wanting a taste of what we’re going to be doing in Hawaii.

You can register here for the Dream Diving Hawaii call.

The Wake-Up Call Show: Searching for the Sacred

Dear One,

I’ve been up since the 4am nursing with my baby girl, Evie, listening to the rain outside with all sorts of thoughts spinning through my head. It feels like I’m fully sliding out of the new born baby cocoon and into the light and I’m a bit dazed and confused.

I find myself searching for the sacred. And when I am fully present trainbowo what IS, fully in the moment, I can feel the sacredness of my life. The holiness of the shadows of the leaves dancing in the sunlight, the blessing of the smile on Evie’s face as she discovers how to crawl and move and dance and clap, the awe of watching Annabella read her story beaming with pride.

Seems to me the keys to allowing the everyday sacred into our soul are:

-Be fully present: it can often help to notice your breath and repeat in your head what you’re seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing.

-Invite in the sacred: notice where the beauty is. Is there sunlight shimmering on raindrops? A twinkle in your beloved’s eye as he does the dishes? A smile on your puppy’s lips as he jumps onto your lap for a snuggle?

-Relish the holiness: allow yourself to drink-it-up! Lean into the blessing and savor it.

-Recount the everyday sacredness at the end of the day: journal about it. Speak it around the dinner table. Literally have the last conscious thought as you drift off to sleep be about the everyday sacred. This will allow you to marinate in the goodness as you sleep.


Let me know how the process above works for you. (Comment below).

I honor the sacred in YOU, darling!

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

P.S. When Shiloh Sophia and I talked about the CORE ESSENCE of the Dreaming in Paradise retreat we both felt one word: Sacred. Each of the women that are being called to the magic of Hawaii values creating SPACE to dream her year in sacredness. Sacred play, sacred beauty, sacred dreaming, sacred ceremony, sacred silence.

Would it serve you to spend time dreaming with us, being coached and mentored by us, and consciously creating your 2015 with us?

We are taking a very small group of no more than 13 women to Maui for 5 days of dreaming. We are also going to lounge in hammocks and play in the ocean and cruise at sunset and watercolor paint and sit in circle and coach and mentor and laugh and play and rest and journal and dream and dream and dream some more.

Go here to view the full Hawaii Dreaming in Paradise invitation.

I’d love to know how the everyday sacred process works for you, dear one!

Leave me a comment below.

The Wake-Up Call Show: Gratitude Meditation for you, Dear One!

Dear One,

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love that it is a day focused on gratitude and appreciation and gathering around a table for a feast with people you love.

This year I am BEYOND grateful to be a mama tGratitudeo TWO healthy girls. It’s my first holiday season with Evie Rose in my life and she is the jolliest little petunia I ever did see. Seeing big sister, Annabella, with her makes my heart swoon. Plus my incredible husband and my family and friends.

Then adding in the work I have the privilege to do in the world, a new book coming out in the new year (Reform Your Inner Mean Girl due out in April of 2015), the Hawaii Dream Diving retreat I’m co-leading in January, all mamas that have joined me in community at Mama Truth Circle, and so much more!

And getting send out an email like this to a community of like-minded souls that I adore so much! Thank you for being in my tribe.

I hope you are amping up your gratitude this Thanksgiving holiday (and if you’re not celebrating turkey day tomorrow, it is still a fabulous day to appreciate yourself and your life).

As a token of my love and appreciation, I made you a gratitude meditation to help you turn up the volume on appreciation in all areas of your life. GO HERE to play it (or download it).

I hope you’ll take 20 minutes out today, tomorrow, this weekend (or anytime!) to take yourself on this appreciation adventure.

Let me know how it goes, OK?

Happy Thanksgiving!

With appreciation and love,

P.S. Feel free to share the meditation with your loved ones! And please do leave me a comment below to let me know what you’re grateful for.

The Wake-Up Call Show: The Tooth Fairy & Deception

Dearest One,

It finally happened. My oldest, Annabella, a 7 year old 2nd grader, lost a tooth the other night. She had been telling us over the last few weeks that some of her friends at school don’t believe in the tooth fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny etc. I kept asking her what she believed. She kept saying she still believed and that she felt sad for the kids that didn’t. She was suspending her disbelief… toothless

Until the other morning. She looked me in the eye and asked, “Did you put the money under my pillow?”


Again, I asked her what she believed. Looking for any clues. What this the moment of truth? And that’s when I saw it. Something had shifted. It wasn’t about magic or believing, it was about really needing to know the TRUTH.

So after Rob and I hemmed and hawed for about 5 minutes, I finally said, “Yes we put the money under your pillow. The fairies inspired us to help with the magic.”

Double gulp.

I asked her how she felt. She replied, “Relieved.” She didn’t cry, but she shook with emotion.
I felt like I could see a layer of innocence peeling off her like one of her Tinkerbell stickers on a binder.

I feel like she’s relieved to not be in the in between place anymore, relieved to know the truth, relieved to be “caught up” with a few of her close friends.


I told her that maybe she could help the fairies when her little sister starts loosing her teeth. That felt magical to her.

What’s the difference between believing in Magic and Lying? 

It has me wondering when we cross the line from magical thinking to self-deception, denial and straight up lying to ourselves.

When does that magical plan for the business going big, while you run up credit card debt, become denial of the truth and sabotage?

Or the magical thinking that you can simply sit and meditate all day and attract in your soul mate become an excuse for hiding in your house all day?

It can be a trick our Inner Mean Girls and Inner Critics use to sabotage us, keeping us stuck, under the guise of magic and believing.

Here’s what I know to be true; Magic feels GOOD. Believing in miracles feels DELICIOUS. Lying to ourselves (or anyone for that matter) feels TERRIBLE.

If, in that moment when Annabella flat out asked me about the tooth fairy I lied to her, when I could feel it was a call for truth, that would have felt really bad in my body. Telling her the truth, although stressful and saddening, felt RIGHT and IMPORTANT.

I’m  a STAND for both magic AND truth. For believing, miracles AND taking inspired actions to manifest our dreams. How about you?  Let me know below.

With a sprinkle of pixie dust & a dash of truth-telling,


P.S. Speaking of magic and truth…Wanna dream up your 2015 in Hawaii with me?

I’m joining life forces with the one and only Shiloh Sophia to take a small group of 13 like-minded, soul-inspired, deep diving women to Maui with us for a retreat in January to dream up their 2015. We are calling it Dreaming in Paradise. YUM!


Are you feeling called to go deeper in 2015?

Go past the surface of wanting and touch in and lean into your heart and soul’s truth and deepest aligned desires?

To sit in circle with phenomenal women and welcome in the New Year?

To conjure up magic, truth, desire and dreams?

You’ll leave the retreat with a Book of Dreams and so much more! We’re even developing a new process we call Dream Diving just for this experience.

Next step: GO HERE and fill out the form to receive your official invitation that has all the details.

Sending you a vision of sitting in circle together in Hawaii!


Make sure to leave a comment below about the dance between magic & truth telling.

And I’m always honored when you share with your community!

The Wake-Up Call Show: Halloween Picture Insanity

Dear One,

It’s Halloween time, which means that like it or not your feed on Facebook, Pintrest, and Twitter are going to be filled with kids in their costumes, babies in their costumes, teenagers in their costumers, and yes probably even some moms and dads and their costumes.Evie Ladybug

Why? Why oh why do all of us parents endlessly post pictures of our children doing anything we deem adorable? The answer is simple really. It’s about survival. You see parenting is frickin hard work. It is the toughest, craziest, most challenging job you can ever imagine. And, hope this goes without saying, the absolute hands-down BEST part of my life.

Visit any family’s home at 7:30am on a weekday and you’ll likely see pure chaos. Lunch being negotiated, breakfast being made, permission slips being signed (last minute of course), homework frantically getting finished, diapers being changed, babies getting nursed, parents desperately trying to get out the door to deliver their kids to school, deliver themselves to work, get their babies to daycare or put their little ones down for a nap.

So please forgive us for posting all of these pictures of our babies and Bella Zombiekids doing anything “cute”. We need to celebrate, share and be witnessed in the magnificence of our children. Because if we didn’t it would be so hard to face bedtime that night. (And don’t even get me started around bathtime.) These pictures of our little ones in all their glory imprint the goodness of parenting in our brains. It allows our hearts to glow with joy and pride to get us through the next melt down, poop explosion, homework negotiation, teenaged eye roll or 3am nursing.

So celebrate my little ladybug and zoobie with me. Allow me to relish in their beauty for this moment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for celebrating the children with us. It gives us the strength to be the kind of mom and dad we aspire to be.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. I’ve been feeling a calling in my heart and soul to to tell the TRUTH about motherhood. To celebrate both the messiness AND the magic. I’m starting a new (closed) Facebook group called Mama Truth Circle for mamas who want to join me in sharing the full spectrum of motherhood.

GO HERE to join us for free!

Simply click the “join group” button to request membership and my team will approve you after we confirm you’re a mama. (No lookie-loos allowed!)

I can’t wait to share more with you about Mama Truth Circle and hear your stories and create a community of like-minded Mamas. Please feel free to invite moms you love to join us!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you are CELEBRATING right now!

The Wake-Up Call Show: Embracing the f*cking paradox!

Dearest One,

Motherhood with two little ones has been kicking my butt!

I’m sleep deprived and weary, feeling the paradox of motherhood so strongly. I made a super short 2 minute video for you about it. I have no make up on and huge bags under my eyes…keeping it REAL for you cause that’s how I roll!

I so badly want to savor Evie in all her baby glory AND I want this phase of parenting to be OVER.

I want freedom AND I want to hold her close.

I want to have space to launch a new project for Mamas AND I want to be a stay at home mom.

I love being a mom AND I can’t stand being so relied on.

Oh the f*cking paradox!

So I’m embracing all of the parts of me and giving them love. Allowing them to peacefully co-exist, making all of my desires RIGHT.

Where is the paradox showing up for you? Let me know below.

May you unconditionally love ALL of you!

With sleepy eyes,

P.S. You matter, Dear One!

Let me know below where the paradox is showing up for you and how embracing ALL of it feels. :)

The Wake-Up Call Show: Love, Loss & Legacy

Dearest One,

What’s the legacy you wish to leave behind?

Over the course of the past few weeks I’ve had the honor to hold the hand of one of my best friends, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, as she said goodbye to her co-parent, teacher and mentor, the legendary painter and master teacher, Sue Hoya Sellars. Sue is the inspiration for the Intentional Creativity MoImageProxy.mvcvement and an Art Matriarch to hundreds of students worldwide.

On the right is one of my favorite Sue masterpieces called “Glimpse of the Portal.” I imagine Sue is on the other side of the portal now basking in the light of the cosmos. 

In Sue’s honor, there is a tribe that is committing 30 days of art right now. People from around the world are painting, praying, writing poetry, dancing and sitting in sacred ritual every single day. And that is just beginning. You can read more about Sue’s legacy and are welcome to participate in the Terra Sophia Sanctuary project in honor of Sue Hoya Sellars here. (We’ve raised nearly $25k in Sue’s honor. Make sure to check out the perks if you are inspired to contribute. We just added a painting class with Shiloh and me!)

It is truly inspiring.It has been astonishing to witness the profound legacy Sue is leaving behind. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.

It has me investigating my own legacy. Pondering what will be left behind when I leave the planet. (After all as the saying goes, “no one here gets out alive.”)

How about you? What is the legacy you’ll leave behind?

Marinate and ponder the inquiries below to tap into your unfolding legacy:

  • What do you most want to be remembered for? (And are you acting on that every day?)
  • Who in your life will be most impacted by your passing? Are you in right, clean, good relationship with those that matter most? (If not, let this email catalyze you to reach out, forgive, ask for forgiveness, create connection, lean into love).
  • Are there any dreams you’ve put on hold or been putting off until the “time is right”? (It’s time to dust them off and open your heart to them.)
  • If you knew you had only one year to live, what, if anything, would you be doing differently? (What can you act on NOW?)

I discovered from answering the questions that I am striving to stay in alignment each day with my soul and my ever evolving purpose.  I want to be remembered as a present, loving, compassionate mama to my two girls and wife to my beloved husband. I hope to be remembered as a creator and teacher of content that inspires and create goodness in the world and to leave behind books that give insight, hope and tools for unconditional self-love. I long to to be known as a good citizen and be of service to the world at large in big and small ways. I have one project that has been calling to me that I’m committed to putting energy into before the end of the year. I could go on and on…

Ponder the questions above and let me know how it goes below. I always love hearing from you.

You’re doing a good job. I’m so grateful you are on the planet at this time and in this place.

With a sprinkling of red rose petals,

P.S. I dare you to “commit an act of art” today in Sue’s honor. Paint, dance, draw,write a song, recite Shakespeare, write a poem… You are an ARTIST. Own it.I double dog dare you to share your act of art in the comments here. (Below)

​P.P.S. I know that for many of you writing a memoir is part of your legacy and I wanted to share something really sacred and special with you that my dear friend, Melanie Bates,  has created just for 12 women who are ready to tell their story. Melanie will teach you the importance of story in your life and how to become a master storyteller, as well as the author of your own brilliant story – both the tangible book you’ll hold in your hands, and the intangible stories you hold in your hearts. You will cross the boundaries of time and space and work on past, present and future simultaneously to change your life in big and beautiful ways.

Are you one of the 12 women ready to take on the quest? GO HERE to read the full invitation. Tell Melanie I sent you. This is going to be an amazing journey!

Ponder the questions above and let me know how it goes below. I always love hearing from you.


The Wake-Up Call Show: What if you’re always winning the game you’re playing, Dear One?

Dearest One,

Lately, I’ve been contemplating life’s big questions.  Mostly at my 4am nursing sessions with Evie, when the house is still and the oxytocin is flowing and I’m half asleep in dreaminess.

I’m lucky – I get to commune with other folks who also spend time contemplating life’s big questions.  People, like you, that are interested in living on purpose, having meaning in their lives and fulfilling their potential.Winning

One of the questions that recently hit me in the solar plexus, leaving me examining everything in my life, is a framework I was reminded of recently by fellow coach, Stacey Morgenstern. It’s a doozy!

What if you’re always winning the game you’re playing?

You know – in life.

See, I do believe that we get to take responsibility for our lives – for the way we experience our lives.  And I do believe that the universe is conspiring for us to win.  So then, it makes sense that we are always winning the game we are playing!

But if that’s all true, why do we create games that we really DON’T WANT to play? It can be all too easy to go unconscious and go on auto-pilot, letting our Inner Mean Girls/ Inner Critics, our past or even society to chose our games.

But I believe with all my heart that we can transform the game we’re playing when we commit to doing so.

Here are some of the games I used to play that I’ve successfully transformed:

  • The “I have to do it all myself” game has been transformed to the “I have a kick ass team that supports me and my work” game.
  • The “I am a struggling entrepreneur that never has enough money to get ahead” game has been transformed ot the “I have amazing streams of income and abundance” game.
  • The “I have to chose between my family’s needs and my callings needs” game has been transformed to the “When I’m in service to my family, I’m in service to the world and when I’m in service to the world, I’m in service to my family” game.

What are some of the games you’ve transformed? Let me know below.

So that brings up the next questions – What games do you WANT to be playing? And what’s the game you’re ready quit altogether?

For me, I’m currently transforming the “I struggle with my weight” game and the “I have to work really hard to create money” game.

What about you?

Now, I’m not trying to bring on an Inner Mean Girl attack!   This isn’t about blame and shame – it’s about getting clear about what you want in life, what’s holding you back, and most importantly, what shifts do you need to make to truly manifest your heart’s desires…to create a GAME YOU LOVE PLAYING?

When we start to get honest with ourselves about the game we are really playing, we start to have the power to shift – and to begin to manifest what we do want, instead of UNmagical manifestations. How cool is that!?

GO BELOW to post a game that you’ve already transformed and what game you’re ready to transform. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Walking onto a JOYFUL playing field,

P.S. I have SO MUCH more to share about how I’ve transformed the games I’m playing. It’s one of the MANY things we’re going to be diving deep into for 7 wMMM pichole weeks in the Magical Manifestation Method program I’m co-leading with my dear friend SARK and her partner, psychologist Dr. John Waddell. Hundreds of students around the world have said YES to changing their games and magically manifesting. I’d be truly HONORED to have you join us. Class begins TODAY!

GO HERE to learn more and to register for Magical Manifestation Method. It’s a game-changer…LITERALLY!

P.P.S Oh my goodness are there some other game changing things I want to share with you!

The first is I’m excited to announce my participation as an expert speaker on Transform Your Health World Summit with host Marcie Peters! I’ll be joining 22 of the world’s top health experts discussing autoimmunity, weight loss, chronic disease, nutrition, food and gluten sensitivity, emotional health, sleep, fitness, detoxification, and more! Head on over to save your free spot and for instant access to free gifts.

The second is an AMAZING FREE CALL from a Brilliant Visionary, Tamar Henry, about Fertility Curveballs. This is so dear to my heart, as I was in fertility limbo for nearly 2 years when manifesting my baby girl, Evie Rose.  If  you are struggling with getting pregnant or you’ve experienced one or more miscarriages, this is the call for you. Tamar gets it.  She’s experienced three losses in close proximity and is currently in “fertility limbo” . She wants to support you by sharing what has help her emotionally and spiritually along this journey.  If you or a loved one would benefit from this information and support, please GO HERE and register for this FREE call on 9/18/14 or to get the recording.