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The Wake-Up Call Show: When Positivity becomes an Addiction

Dear Sunshine,

Are you addicted to optimism?

Do you have no patience for pessimism?

When something challenging, dark or disappointing shows up on your doorstep, do you hide, numb out or freeze up?

You may just have an addiction to positivity. This is a sneaky trick of a very sly Inner Mean Girl archetype: The Overly Optimistic Partying Cheerleader.

And, yes, you guessed it I have one too! I made a short video for you from my front porch swing about this tricky Inner Mean Girl.

In the video I share about my own Overly Optimistic Partying Cheerleader and the cost of having her on the scene. I love being optimistic, but I hate being cheered right of a CLIFF!

Maybe you don’t have this particular Inner Mean Girl, maybe instead you have an Achievement Junkie or Worrywart or Comparison Queen.

Want to know for sure? Check out the free Inner Mean Girl quiz and discover what type of inner critic you have based on the 13 Inner Mean Girl Archetypes.

I’m sending you buckets of sunshine and the capacity to BE WITH the darkness too.

With love,

P.S. If you’re in the SF Bay Area or Los Angeles Area, I’d love to invite you to the upcoming Reform Your Inner Mean Girl Book Launch Parties & Jumpstart Workshops. I can’t wait to give you a hug!

 Leave a comment below about your Overly Optimistic Partying Cheerleader!

The Wake-Up Call Show: My Crazy Inner Good Girl

Dear One,

It’s time I spilled the beans on my Inner Good Girl that shows up and wrecks havoc on my life.

Perhaps you can relate?

You know that part of you that has you saying YES, when you really mean NO. She has you PEOPLE PLEASING like nobody’s business. The part of you who is on a mission to BE LIKED no matter what the cost.

Here’s just one of the “cra-cra” ways my Inner Good Girl loves to show up.

Picture this: I’m on a run, getting my groove on. Rocking out to my tunes as I circle the lake. I’m sweating, feeling the high, when I begin to catch up to another runner.

It looks like I’m going at a bit of a faster pace than this stranger on the path. She’s doing her thing, I’m doing mine. I’m about to pass her. It’s all good. Personal best right?

Then my Inner Good Girl kicks in. This is what goes on in my head:

“Ummmm…excuse me, Amy? You’re about to pass another jogger. You can’t do that! What if it makes her feel bad?

You should really slow down. Don’t show her up! She might feel bad about herself. Her Inner Comparison Queen (more on her to come…especially when I get passed by a faster runner!) might start beating her up. SLOW DOWN!”

Do you see the insanity here? What the what?!

I have NO IDEA about this other person’s experience. And yet my Inner Mean Girl, showing up as the Good Girl Archetype, has kicked in, trying to hijack my run.

Every time this happens I have to talk my Inner Mean Girl down off the ledge. Remind her that it’s OK for me to run faster. And that it’s OK for me to SHINE. That I’m safe. That all is well.

Can you relate? Let me know your Good Girl experience here (below).

I’m so grateful that I’ve reformed my Inner Good Girl. That I know how to deal with her and her insanity. Don’t get me wrong. She still shows up. But now I’ve got her number. I can feel her coming from a mile away.

My Inner Good Girl doesn’t get to make my choices anymore.

That’s the beauty of reforming your Inner Mean Girl.

If you have a Inner Good Girl I challenge you to say NO today. I challenge you to shine, trusting that you’ll inspire the people around you.

Let me know how it goes (below), OK?

Off to run as fast as I can,

P.S. The Good Girl is one of the 13 different types of Inner Mean Girl Archetypes that Christine Arylo and I have uncovered in our work together. Want to find out what type of Inner Mean Girl you have?

GO HERE to take the free Inner Mean Girl Quiz and discover what type of Inner Critic you have (a Good Girl, Comparison Queen, Achievement Junkie, Worry Wart or ??)

The Wake-Up Call Show: Uptown Funky Walk? (Video with my family!)

Dearest One,

The other day we were having a dance break watching the hit song Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. Annabella, my 7 1/2 year old, was grooving and singing at the top of her lungs. The break it down section comes on with the words “Uptown funk you up, uptown funk you up” and I hear Annabella jamming saying, “Uptown funky walk, uptown funky walk.” Clearly better lyrics.

So today I was guided to created an uptown funky walk dance break video just for you with my entire family. Yes you’ll even see Evie Rose cutting a rug! We hope it makes you smile laugh and brings some glee into your heart. Check out our 2 minute uptown funky walk video here with my entire family!

We’re celebrating so much over here at The Ahlers household!evie piano

If you can believe it, my sweet little baby girl Evie Rose is turning 1 tomorrow! It feels unimaginable to me.

It seems like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the very first time after a quick and natural birth, one of the greatest joys and challenges of my life (you can read more about her birth story here).

Evie is our long-awaited second baby that we dreamed of for over two years. She is such a light in my life and in our family. She’s filled with so much joy and laughter and giggles and curiosity and absolute mischievousness.

AND we’re getting ready to celebrate my new baby that is due…

RYIMG coverMy book baby! Yes that’s right my next book, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself and Start Loving Yourself, comes out from Simon and Schuster’s Beyond Words in print on April 7th. Wowzie!

I co-authored this book with my phenomenal partner at Inner Mean Girl Reform School, Christine Arylo and it’s based on our Internationally celebrated program. I cannot wait to share this book baby with you.

Be on the lookout for all sorts of invitations and inspiring goodies, including the invitation to our launch parties & Inner Mean Girl transformation workshops on April 11th in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles launch party on April 25th. Please mark your calendar now.

Whew-what an amazing adventure!

I hope you’ll take a moment today and celebrate the goodness in your life.
Sending you much love and an uptown funky walk,

P. S. Why not do a dance break at some point today and allow every cell of your being to fill up with energy and enthusiasm and passion for life? YES!

P.P.S. If you need to take a moment to breathe, check out my dear friend, Steve Sisgold with his new Mindful Moment video featuring 2 minutes of Conscious Breathing. YUM!

The Wake-Up Call Show: Resentment & Self-Care

Dearest One,

I see you over there with your mile long “to-do” list. With the words swirling in your head; “There. Isn’t. Enough. Time.”

Feeling exhausted and depleted. Aching for a break and some time for YOU.

I feel you because I AM you. (And I’ve coached women like you for over 15 years.)

I felt it creeping back in this past week. That feeling of being at the end of my rope. My husband was gone recording an album for 6 days and I was left home with my two girls for the first time since Evie was born. When I realized that Annabella had a school break starting last Friday as well, I honestly nearly cried. I could feel the stress mounting.

I created amazing support for the daytime, but it’s the dinner time, bedtime routine that kills me. I’m tired, the girls are tired, and I couldn’t seem to get it together. And I could feel the resentment starting to make her way through my front door.

What’s a gal to do?

Stop. Drop. Do a radical act of self-care.

Consciously do an action and name it as an act of self-love. Call a friend. Take a bath. Go on a run. Call a sitter and get to the movies. Find that thing that feels indulgent and nurturing for you. Then declare it self-love.

A bath is just a bath, unless you say to yourself, I’m easing my way into this warm bubble bath with a candle lit because I love myself.

Exercise is just exercise, unless you say to yourself, I love myself enough to run up this staircase to my favorite song so I can celebrate how strong my body is.

Calling a friend can be just mindless chatter, unless you say to yourself (and your friend), “SOS. I’m reaching out for some love and support as an act of self-care and self-love!”

This lets your entire being KNOW that you are creating space for you. It allows the resentment to fade and the love to expand.

Do whatever it takes to ensure resentment doesn’t become your new best friend.

Because living with resentment is like eating poison everyday for breakfast. It kills your joy, your health and your relationships.

As we teach in Inner Mean Girl Reform School, it’s not about finding time, it’s about creating space. Space for you and your self care.

So, darling one, what can you do today to honor yourself? Let me know here (below).
Off for a self-love hike!

P.S. As an act of self-love, join me and my best friend, Sam Bennett, for our call today:

sam and amy

The Myth of Overwhelm
(and what’s REALLY holding you back)
TODAY, Wednesday, February 18th at 3pm PT/6pm ET/11pm GMT

If you can’t make it live, no worries, love! Just register here and we’ll shoot you the recording.

We’re not enrolling into a program or anything on this call. It’s a no strings attached, nothing to buy here, sorta thing. Just two ladies doing some good old fashioned truth telling and inner critic slaying. You can post your questions on the page too.

Talk to you later today!


The Wake-Up Call Show: The Universe Rises Up to Meet You (Video)

Dearest One,

On my last Wake-Up Call Wednesday I talked about how I created a new weekly flow, a new schedule and rhythm, for the new year. New year = new support!

I was sooo excited about having a new schedule that honors my Sacred Flow stand for 2015. One that gives me space for my girls, for my work, for my marriage and for me. I was tingling with enthusiasm and delightful anticipation.

And then our house got overtaken by a stomach bug (cue dramatic music!). So my first full week felt a little less sacred and a little more crazy. I made a short video for you about it when I was on a run. You can watch it below.

YouTube Preview Image

It seems to often play out this way. We create a stand or intention and The Universe responds by rising up to meet you and put your Mantra to the test. The perfect playing field appears.

Click above to watch the video and let me know what you think!

Ready for the sacred flow,




I am getting so pumped up for the release of my new book, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl; 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself and Start Loving Yourself. I co-wrote this transformational book baby with my partner, Christine Arylo, and we’re whipping up some ahhh-mazing goodies and gifts for you to celebrate the book launch.

Stay tuned for more details, but for now please mark the afternoon of April 11th on your calendar for the book launch party. You can be with us in person in the Bay Area or tune in via live stream from anywhere in the world. It is going to be so much fun!!

The Wake-Up Call Show: How You Spend Your DAYS is How You Spend Your LIFE

Dearest One,
“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”
~Annie Dillard

It’s so true, isn’t it? The moments turn into days, the days into weeks, the weeks into months, the months into years. So it goes.

Our daily life is our real life. Finding the everyday sacred is the key to creating a life you love.

Sacred Flow PicAnd yet so often we feel inspired to make big changes in our minds and hearts and never fully distill it down to the daily actions and commitments that will create the transformation. And then we wonder why the change doesn’t stick or another year flies by and we feel like WE MISSED IT.

I know the truth of this. So I’ve been investigating and getting really CURIOUS and REAL about how to create a daily and weekly flow to honor my 2015 Stand and Power Mantra; Sacred Flow. To bring my stand into my daily life to make the change real.

I’m hungry for a new rhythm that honors my time with my girls, my time with my husband, my time with my friends, my time with myself and my time for my Great Work in the world.

Sometimes I feel like a juggler gone mad instead of the present and tuned in woman I long to be.

Will you take some time to work ON your life, instead of IN your life?

I just co-created a weekly flow with my husband and I’m soooo excited about it. Here’s what my new flow includes:

  • daily walks to school as a family and then coffee with Evie and Rob (LOVE starting my day this way)
  • runs/hikes twice per week (this is such a sacred thing for me that was falling off my plate since Evie arrived-time to bring it back for my mental and physical well being)
  • a four hour Sacred Space chunk to allow for flow and spontaneity (THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!)Evie on beach3
  • 5 Rhythms weekly dance class (for years I did this religiously when I lived in LA. My Inner Wisdom guided me to bring this practice back into my life this year.)
  • Twice a month date nights with my beloved (YES!!)
  • Mondays are now my Mama Day where I spend quality time with Evie, pick up Annabella and then do a two girl hang (no work except for my weekly post on my Mama Truth Circle
  • Picking up Annabella from school and getting solo time with her once/week (SO important to weave in solo time with her!)
  • New Mommy and Me class with Evie (Yum!)
  • Solid times dedicated to my work (So wonderful for my assistants to know when they should schedule appointments in!)

The truth is that if it isn’t in my calendar these days, it ain’t happening! If I don’t put in time for myself and time for exercise and sacred time with my girls, it just doesn’t happen. And those things are the most important thing to me.

What Christine Arylo and I teach at Inner Mean Girl Reform School is that if you wait until you find the time, you’ll fail every time. You must create space!

I cannot tell you the JOY my new schedule brings me.

It also means we need to hire help twice per week. We need a “housewife” to help with Evie, do laundry and dishes, run errands and more! I absolutely trust that the money flow will support me in my new schedule.

What is your daily and weekly flow and how can you consciously create your schedule so it feels like a full body YES?  GO BELOW to let me know your sacred daily and weekly flow. Work ON your life so when you’re IN your life, it feels yummy.

You deserve to love your DAYS and, therefore, your LIFE!

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

P.S. I hope you saw my email yesterday. TODAY is the last day to enroll in the special Inner Mean Girl Reform School New Year Transformation! Christine Arylo and I are launching our flagship program with live calls tonight at 5pm PT/8pm ET for the first time in over 2 years!


I highly encourage you to join us for this powerful, proven 10 step process so you can empower your Inner Wisdom and reform your Inner Mean Girl.  Inner Mean Girl Reform School is one of my all time favorite creations. Super duper potent and transformative (and totally risk free)!

GO HERE to see our invitation and enroll.

The Wake-Up Call Show: A Resolution Solution (VIDEO)

Dear One,

Can you believe January is almost half over!? My word, does time go fast.

In my experience as a life coach for over 15 years, I’ve found this is about the time that New Year’s Resolutions begin to fail. Ugh! So I made you a short video that highlights a resolution solution. Click below to watch it!

I’d love for you to watch the video and leave a comment about who you want to become in 2015.

Sending love for an incredible New Year,

P.S. I wanted to also make sure you don’t miss the New Year Activation Call that I co-led with Christine Arylo last night. On the call, we teach even more about how to create your Stand & Power Mantra for the New Year and how to ensure your Inner Mean Girl doesn’t hijack your year. It’s called;

3 Secrets to Creating a Year You Love
Create Your 2015 from Your Inner Wisdom, Not Your Inner Mean Girl

We’re doing an encore of the call this Saturday, Jan.17th, and you’re invited to join us live or receive the recording later.

GO HERE to sign up for the 2015 Activation Call or to grab the recording!

The Wake-Up Call Show: My 7 Year Old’s Fear Blocking Process

Dear One,

If you celebrate Christmas, I’m sending you wishes for a merry one!

I was getting ready to shoot a final 2014 Wake-Up Call video when my 7 year old, Annabella, entered my office. I asked her if she wanted to join me and she yelled a resounding YES! She then proceeded to tell me what she wanted to share with all of you. :)

So we did a video together where Annabella created an on the spot process for dealing with fears and Inner Mean Girls.

YouTube Preview Image

I hope you enjoy Annabella’s story about how her Inner Mean Girl tried to hijack her mind, body and spirit with fear and how her Inner Wisdom guided her to focus on gratitude and what she loves instead.

I know there has been so much devastation going on in the world that creates cracks for fear and hopelessness to seep in. I’m sending you strength to ride the waves of truth about all there is to grieve and simultaneously ride the waves of truth about all the beauty and kindness in the world.

Keep being a bright and shining light of hope. The world needs you.

With much love and merry wishes,


P.S. I’ll be back with you next year! SMOOCH. 

Please leave a comment about how you can lean into your Inner Wisdom this New Year!

The Wake-Up Call Show: No More Hell or High Water!

Dear One,

Do you ever subscribe to the “come hell or high water” attitude…the no matter what I will MAKE THIS HAPPEN mindset!?

I used to do it a lot in my life…especially in my business. I would push and will things into action. My Inner Achievement Junkie would come in full force wanting me to PUSH it out and control it.

As a result, ​it seemed ​I could ​only ​create things from ​a​place of pushing and working hard. It became my creation pattern.

But, I’m changing my tune.

Forget hell or high water. I want heaven and flow instead. This means I don’t get to push and hustle.

Instead I relax in and let The Divine lead. And trust it is all working out how it is supposed to. Even if it LOOKS different.

This means releasing uninspired work and leaning into what feels truly delicious to me. This means following the inspiration lily pads and noticing what lights me up. This means say YES to what I truly want to do and who I want to me.

Now this does NOT mean I give up the moment a challenge shows up on my path as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and author. It just means that I don’t create from the place of challenge and hustle by default.

When challenges come up I lean into what feels GOOD as a solution.

I am considering this my STAND for 2015: Heaven and Flow. YUM!

What are you discovering about pushing and flow? Comment below and let me know!


P.S. Our Dreaming In Paradise retreat is one of those FLOW things in my life. The circle is forming for the retreat and each woman is so spectacular!

Shiloh and I are conducting a LIVE Dream Diving call TOMORROW for women that are wanting a taste of what we’re going to be doing in Hawaii.

You can register here for the Dream Diving Hawaii call.

The Wake-Up Call Show: Searching for the Sacred

Dear One,

I’ve been up since the 4am nursing with my baby girl, Evie, listening to the rain outside with all sorts of thoughts spinning through my head. It feels like I’m fully sliding out of the new born baby cocoon and into the light and I’m a bit dazed and confused.

I find myself searching for the sacred. And when I am fully present trainbowo what IS, fully in the moment, I can feel the sacredness of my life. The holiness of the shadows of the leaves dancing in the sunlight, the blessing of the smile on Evie’s face as she discovers how to crawl and move and dance and clap, the awe of watching Annabella read her story beaming with pride.

Seems to me the keys to allowing the everyday sacred into our soul are:

-Be fully present: it can often help to notice your breath and repeat in your head what you’re seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing.

-Invite in the sacred: notice where the beauty is. Is there sunlight shimmering on raindrops? A twinkle in your beloved’s eye as he does the dishes? A smile on your puppy’s lips as he jumps onto your lap for a snuggle?

-Relish the holiness: allow yourself to drink-it-up! Lean into the blessing and savor it.

-Recount the everyday sacredness at the end of the day: journal about it. Speak it around the dinner table. Literally have the last conscious thought as you drift off to sleep be about the everyday sacred. This will allow you to marinate in the goodness as you sleep.


Let me know how the process above works for you. (Comment below).

I honor the sacred in YOU, darling!

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

P.S. When Shiloh Sophia and I talked about the CORE ESSENCE of the Dreaming in Paradise retreat we both felt one word: Sacred. Each of the women that are being called to the magic of Hawaii values creating SPACE to dream her year in sacredness. Sacred play, sacred beauty, sacred dreaming, sacred ceremony, sacred silence.

Would it serve you to spend time dreaming with us, being coached and mentored by us, and consciously creating your 2015 with us?

We are taking a very small group of no more than 13 women to Maui for 5 days of dreaming. We are also going to lounge in hammocks and play in the ocean and cruise at sunset and watercolor paint and sit in circle and coach and mentor and laugh and play and rest and journal and dream and dream and dream some more.

Go here to view the full Hawaii Dreaming in Paradise invitation.

I’d love to know how the everyday sacred process works for you, dear one!

Leave me a comment below.