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No matter how hard you are on yourself or how many Big Fat Lies your Inner Mean Girl is beating you up with, I know you can break free and see the truth of your magnificence. I’m Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach, bestselling author and Life Coach and I’m taking a STAND for women and moms to STOP being so hard on themselves and START practicing self-love and self-compassion instead.  Join over 53,000 souls from all over the world that are ready to shine bright! Start with my Wake Up Your Inner Wisdom kit above.

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Jamie Reimer: Becoming a Hands On Mama

February 6th, 2017|

It’s raining (or snowing!) cats and dogs out there and you’re stuck in the house with a toddler and preschooler...what’s a mama to do? Tune into this Mama Truth Show featuring Jamie Reimer from stock full of great ideas about how to get more hands on with our kids by doing super EASY and FUN activities with them.

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Michelle Galle: Mindful Parenting in a Messy World

January 30th, 2017|

How can we as mamas be even more mindful in motherhood and in our lives? Especially when the world is soooo messy? Join Amy for a profound conversation with mindfulness expert, Michelle Gale. And make sure to attend Amy & Michelle’s Wisdom & Parenting Tribe Meetup at Wisdom 2.0. More info at:

Listen to Michelle's brand new podcast! You can find Mindful Parenting in a Messy World at iTunes.

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Teaching Our Kids about Intention

January 23rd, 2017|

What do you want your children to believe about the power of intention, about dreams and desires and manifesting? Tune in for this week’s Mama Truth Show where Amy explores how to bring Intention into the lives of your kiddos.

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