Dear One,

I’m getting ready to go to Annabella’s preschool graduation. Oh. My. Goodness. Where did the time go? How on earth could my daughter be entering Kindergarten in the Fall?

What the what?!

So while drying my tears and wallowing in nostalgia I tortured myself by looking at videos of her in her youth 🙂 and came across this one that I love so much about the power of YES. Check it on out and drink in the joy!

Off for more Kleenex…

Big love,

P.S. I hope you find the video like a little ray of sunshine…please make sure to leave me a comment on what you’re saying YES to in your life.

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P.P.P.S. I appreciate you so much. Thanks for holding my hand through this one!

Let me know what you’re saying YES to in your life by commenting below. I love holding your dreams with you! And feel free to share the love!