Dear One,

The other day I was feeling a little bit blue (ok maybe a lot blue). I was having one of those days…you the kind..where your Inner Mean Girl has hijacked your day and the Big Fat Lies tape is playing in your head like heavy metal blaring from an 80s boom box. Ouch!

So I did something kinda ridiculous in hindsight…I logged onto Facebook and saw my “news feed” featuring highlights from everyone else’s seemingly perfect life. From “I lost 25 pounds by eating chocolate every day” to pictures of travels from all around the world to “OMG, Oprah just called!”

My Inner Comparison Queen came in with a wrecking ball…has this ever happened to you?

On today’s show, we’re going to talk about those pesky Inner Comparison Queens and Kings that can use Facebook as a torture device…and then we’re going to have a little dance party to shake it all out!

With a little shimmy and lots of sparkles,



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