Dear One,

I admit it…my happiness is being held hostage. I’ve been buying into the when/then Big Fat Lie BIG TIME. And it doesn’t feel so good!

I made a video for you that is probably the most vulnerable video to date where I spill the beans about the big desire I have for this year, that has yet to come true. (I’m actually feeling nervous even sending this out…maybe I’m sharing too much about this heartache?) Click below to watch it and let me know what you think.

What is holding your happiness hostage? The weight? The soulmate that has yet to appear? The money?

It’s time to take your power and happiness back! Watch the video and join me.

I’m sending you love and hope this video makes a difference in your life.

With unstoppable love,



Please let me know below what has been holding your happiness hostage and how you will take your power and happiness back!