Darling One,

You may know that I recently adopted a rescue Boxer that Annabella named Rocky Blue. Most mornings I wake up to his sweet face on my bedroom covers, tail wagging furiously, begging for a morning pet. Super sweet, right?

Except that what also accompanies this morning ritual, is a huge pile of slobber left on the covers (or if I happen to have an exposed shoulder or hand, the stickiness ends up on my body!). EWWWW GROSS! It’s just one of those things that comes with having Rocky Blue in our lives…slobber markings on the couch, on the coffee table, on my clothes.Rocky Blue

Now that you’ve officially decided that you won’t be coming over for a dinner party any time soon, let’s move on to the lesson in all of this: Acceptance. Yep, Rocky Blue is teaching me all sorts of things about radical acceptance in my life. I mean I’m not going to send lover boy back to the rescue shelter because of his slobber issues, that would be in direct violation of my values and sacred priorities. Instead, I’m learning to accept that I’m now the proud owner of a dog that has slobber…I’m  even finding the sitcom quality of it all. And of course, we’ve increase the tools around the house to deal with such a thing (we gave the housekeeper that we are blessed enough to have a raise, keep cloth napkins hidden around the house for the spit, and even put up a gate so Rocky Blue doesn’t bring his “presents” to us during mealtimes).

It feels good to release the resistance and just allow Rocky Blue to be who he is. And to know that he’s worth it.

It’s time to “accept the things we cannot change.”

I’m all about making changes and taking inspired action to create what we want in our lives. But there are things about our lives, ourselves, our loved ones, that simply cannot be changed…that require RADICAL ACCEPTANCE.

So my question to you today is: where are you withholding acceptance in your life? With your boss? Husband or girlfriend? Your thighs?

Try this (something brilliant inspired by my friend Sam Bennett):

(insert thing/person that you’re withholding acceptance from) AND (insert thing that is lovable about that same thing/person)

So mine reads:

Rocky Blue is a slobbery mess of a dog AND he is a total lover boy that brings our family so much joy.

Maybe yours reads:

My stomach isn’t as flat as I want it to be AND I’m a really kind and compassionate person.

That feels better. Tell  me what your radical acceptance statement says on my blog (below). I LOVE hearing from you.

With unstoppable enthusiasm and radical acceptance,

P.S. Shine the light of self-acceptance today and decide to love an “unlovable” part of you. Accept the truth of who you are and all that you do in the world. You’re doing a good job, sweetie!!

Leave me a comment below about how this lands and your radical acceptance statement is. 🙂