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“Amy is a powerful firecracker of love, integrity and passion. She has the ability to move any audience….”

–Lisa Nichols, New York Times Bestselling Author and Speaker

Watch a clip below from Amy’s Women @ Google talk


Amy Ahlers is available to speak on a variety of topics for your organization.  Please contact Sarah or call 1.888.929.2531 to further discuss your needs and Amy’s availability.

 Sample Speaking Topics Include:

  • “High Achieving Women and Self-Bullying: How to Transform Your Inner Critic So You Can Experience More Happiness, Balance & Success”

High achieving women are profoundly hard on themselves, hijacking their own happiness, balance and peace.  Inner Critics, or ‘Inner Mean Girls’ love to beat women up with Big Fat Lies like, “You’re not good enough” or “Don’t go for that promotion, they’ll find out what a fraud you are”  or  “You just don’t measure up.” Here’s the truth: no matter how successful, beautiful, or wealthy you become, your Inner Mean Girl will relentlessly put pressure on you leading you to self-sabotage and self-bullying, UNLESS you reform her!

  • “Mama Truth: Embracing the Motherhood Paradox”

Specifically designed to support mothers in the workplace, Mama Truth provides a sanctuary for mothers to truth tell and explore the realities of being a working mom. Learning how to embrace the messiness and magic of motherhood is key to creating more balance and peace and this interactive program enables moms with children of all ages to explore and resolve the inner conflicts of motherhood.

  • “3 Mistakes High Achieving Women Make that Keep Them from the Balance, Peace and Happiness They Crave”

Acheivment and the realization of goals can take you far in life, but what about when achievement becomes an addiction costing you your health, your peace, your sanity…your happiness? During this interactive talk, women discover the three mistakes that lead to the “achievement junkie” mindset and how to begin to break free.

Previous Speaking Engagements Include:

  • Google
  • Professional BusinessWomen of California (PBWC) Conference
  • Kripalu Retreat Center
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Girls Inc. Teen Summit
  • FEM Talks
  • Wisdom 2.0
  • Emerging Women
  • Tribal Truth
  • The Goddess Collective
  • She’s all That!
  • Cash Flow DNA Bootcamp
  • Mentor’s Pathway Program
  • New Beginnings Tele-Series with Marianne Williamson
  • Women on the Edge of Evolution
  • Celebrate Your Light
  • Feminine Power Tele-Course Self-Esteem Call
  • Daring Women Tele-Summit
  • Love, Life and Relationships Tele-Seminar
  • New Man, New Woman, New Life
  • The Women Masters
  • Alameda Association of Realtors
  • Oakwood Housing International

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