Dear One,

I recently came across a sign that said “Stop the Glorification of Busy.” Ooooh did that hit me like a ton of bricks.

It feels like everywhere I turn someone is “bragging” about how busy they are…rattling off their To-Do list with pride…almost beaming about how they have no free time, spare time or ME time.glorification of busy

When did BUSY become synonymous with VALUE?

When did feeling RUSHED become the only way to seem IMPORTANT?

When did being OVERWHELMED & OVER-SCHEDULED become necessary for us to say NO or set a BOUNDARY?

Today, I challenge you to stop the glorification of busy and start glorifying self-care, free time and space in your life.

It’s really about embracing your feminine power of receiving, of pausing, of allowing. This is about slowing down so you can listen to your Inner Wisdom.

It can be challenging to do this, especially when the busyness is so glorified in our culture. But I know from my own personal experience that this is when the magic happens. When the inspiration comes. When you can feel GUIDED in your life.

Are ya with me? Let me know that you’ll join the charge and begin to glorify the space and time in your life below!

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Sending you buckets of free time and barrels of spaciousness,





P.S. I declare that having space, free time and down time is paramount to our happiness, fulfillment and success. When was the last time you had an afternoon of daydreaming? An unscheduled day? Time to just BE?

Get it on the books, my dear. You deserve it.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you will CHANGE so you can create more SPACE in your life and STOP the glorification of busy!

And make sure to check out the Inner Wisdom Golden Circle 9-month breakthrough program if you are ready to fully embrace your feminine power & Inner Wisdom!