Dear One,

For my first video of the year I challenged you to look at the question, “Who do you want to BE in 2013?” And last week we held hands and claimed your 2013 STAND.

Today, I went on a wild adventure to SARK’s rooftop overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and shot a video with SARK herself and my dear friends, Edward Vilga and John Waddell, to reveal the keys to attracting what you want this year. Watch it now below!

Key #1: Feeling Good: Abraham Hicks says, “There is nothing more important than feeling good.” Really breath that in for a moment. What if you put feeling good above all else this year? Not just in the superficial way, but really deciding that how you FEEL is important. And you can chose to lean into and more towards people, circumstances, projects and perspectives that help you feel good. I promise if you do this, you will magnetize your desires that much faster!

Key #2: Looking Good: when you feel like you look good, healthy, full of life, you’re bound to feel good. Why not buy a great outfit that makes you feel fabulous? Whether it means some fantastic new yoga pants, kick ass skinny jeans or a polished business suit…looking good always helps us feel good!

Key #3: Being Good: this isn’t about putting on the good girl hat and sucking it up. This IS about you embracing your inherit goodness, allowing yourself to deeply KNOW you are doing a good job. It’s about practicing self-love and compassion moment by moment.

Key #4: Having Good Peeps in your Life:  Spending most of my day yesterday with SARK, John and Edward filled me up with joy and goodness. Having good people in your life, good friends, good support, good love it VITAL to magnetizing any desire you have. So embrace all the good friends and loved ones in your life and appreciate them!

Also, in the video, SARK, Edward, John and me invite you to SARK’s transformational video party THIS Saturday. This is one virtual extravaganza you don’t want to miss. Check it out here.

Darling, I can’t wait to hear all about how you’ll put the magical keys of attraction to work for YOU this year!

With unstoppable enthusiasm & DEEP love,


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