Dear One,

I’m soooo jazzed because tomorrow I’m off to co-lead, alongside Christine Arylo and Shiloh Sophia, a 4-day visioning retreat with 30 Great Women. We’re going to vision, mastermind, heart-storm, paint and more. YUMMY!! (Want a taste of a breakthrough retreat with me? Check out the Inner Wisdom Golden Circle feminine power program that is open for applications now!)

Today, I want you to look at what it is you will START doing and what you will STOP doing in 2013. Make a declaration of your YES’s and NO’s to honor your STAND, to help you feel good, to call forth who you want to BE and magnetize what you WANT.

Here is my list:NO

In 2013 I say NO to:
-self-abandoning so that others will “like” me
-the “I’m not doing enough or contributing enough” Big Fat Lie
-stories and patterns that are blocking me

In 2013 I say YES to:
-healthy boundaries that promote time with my daughter, friends and family
-sacred space to day dream, journal, rest & play
-knowing my value and worth..and stepping deeper into SERVICE with my Great WorkYES
-runs, hikes, and more love!

What do you say YES to and NO to? Let me know below.

With unstoppable enthusiasm and great love,




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